Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another Faerie Tale from Briar

Briar regarded Heilean and Tauron as they all sipped mead warmed by the morning fire. With so much mystery left behind in the High Forest, and misgivings over what would become of the Fey they would meet and those they already had, she had been thinking a lot about the faerie tales she had studied with sages at various academies. She smiled warmly at her lovers " So do you two horse experts know of the Sandiraksiva legends of the north?"
Both looked surprised , and admitted they had not heard of this breed or thread line, whichever it was.
She smiled again, enjoying the attention, and continued.
" In the far north woods of Lurkwood live a tribe of Northmen, The Gray Wolf tribe, who are said to have shapechanging powers, taking either a wolf shape, or a human. These fierce barbarians range far, and tell of fey-touched horses native to the Lurkwood Forests they roam in. A sandiraksiva is always coal black, a massive horse standing 17 hands high. Tribe legend says these fey horses gather power in the moon light and are especially powerful during the three nights of the full moon. As their magic waxes , so does their lust and it is on these three nights they seek to breed. Also, during the phases of the full moon, they gain their strongest power, the ability to take human shape. During these lust filled nights of high magic, these fey are so driven to mate, they will sneak into Tribe settlements in human form to satisfy their urges if there are no others of their kind close by. It is also believed by some that they serve as mounts to favored tribes men and women, hiding in plain sight among mortal horses. Most argue that this is impossible, since the fey horses can not take form of any kind during the day, while the sun is visible."
The trio laughed making several ribald jokes about the love life of such dark fey being, and Briar finished the sharing of her tale.
"It is also said that if a sandiraksiva drinks from a pool under moonlight, that pool turns into magical healing waters, curing injury or sickness in those imbibing its moonstruck waters. The pool is said to hold this magic until the following moonrise."
Heilean began teasing Tauron immediately."You know, if you really loved Briar, you would get her one of those horses!"
He rolled his eyes, drained his mead cup, and smartly said nothing as he went to talk to his uncle about this past night's discoveries of his dead end threaded breed stock. Tauron was just hopefull that he would be patient and open to doing something to restore the line, and not insist upon entering the stock in the auction.

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James said...

Watching Tauron make his exit, Briar had yet more to add.

"You have herd about the fey appearing at times hell it seems they are invading. I speak of the invisible tower of Castle Waterdeep and how our green dragon captor disgourged them when we laid her low."

Heilean nodded in affirmation.

"Cleansing the pool had that feel to it, as if the fey were entering our realms once again." Briar finished with a look of confused excitement and doom.