Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tales of the Nightstalker

“All of my planning and our success comes down to an enterprising member of the Sevens! Had Nissian’s brood not pissed Godin off so badly we still wouldn’t know where they hid those two skullspawn!” the Nightstalker screamed. Goronwy Ishmerai shuddered feeling his master’s anger and rage. Trying to continue his report, Goronwy replied, “ I’m certain the 777’s will make sure the Navy knows about those dragon creature’s destroying a portion of the dock and killing the Dock Master. “

“Has any of the brood been confirmed dead? NO!!!??? I’m certain they survived then, damn vultures. Still as hardy as the dragon blood makes them, they must sleep and that is a luxury we shall not allow them” The master’s voice dropping down to his normal scheming tone, “Make it known among upside hunters that there is a bounty on the redscales, 5,000 a head, and keep our plans in motion. “

“I will make sure word is spread, shall I assume 10% of that amount for any driftdowner?” Goronwy asked?

“Let the Navy pay the driftdowners to hunt! If we start advertising money down there too many people will start asking questions and we’ll have a pile of scaly creatures of all types to sort through,” replied the Nightstalker “Has the priest been given his instructions? He needs to be in place ready to cast the spells we paid for. If this idea of Morjentine’s works I shall reward him during the skullspawn ritual. If Morjentine’s idea doesn’t work he’ll be transformed like the others. Just make it understood the redscales must die before Nissian’s return. Now bring me the half-breed elves, I have a little experiment…”


James said...

We do our job well. :)

Gordzilla said...

That you do:)