Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review 3/2/2011

Late Thursday/ Early Friday, after talking ourselves to sleep about illusions, our bounty amount and disguises, were abruptly awakened by an apologetic Surosh. He reports that something has come looking for him, as he said something would- and something is in the Cinder Block. Making haste to the Block we discover what first appears as a construct but a being of slag, fire and maw: Anvil-biter. His defeat came bittersweet as Surosh worriedly informs us that in defeating Anvil-biter we may have attracted the ire of Scanderigs, believed to be the First forgefeind.

During the chaos with Anvil-biter, Egil proved himself capable and received his watermark as well as placement on our NPC locator map.

Three ships are for sale each with minor magical convinces. A slaver ship with improved hold space, a silver trade ship that leaves a month after the solstice- I don’t have notes on the third.

Egil suspicious of the sun priest, as he doesn’t seem to need a job such as he has applied.

After resuming our rest, we were interrupted again by an ominous event, two vampires- a male skeletor and a female goth, appeared and attacked. There aren’t supposed to be any vampires!

The next day while Auge rests, we learned Tamros knows two bards have stolen watermarks, Karpelletti is looking for us and Arkeil was going to focus his resources on the hunt for the Green Cloaks.

(Was there going to be a DM post on the bards?)

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