Saturday, March 19, 2011

The North Cutter

Captain Morgen stood beautiful and tall, her red coat flapping in the ocean wind, she proudly surveyed her small but devout crew. Her trusted companion Lady lazily sat on her shoulder, her weapon pointed to the sky and one leg set on display upon an impressive bounty. Cheers streamed out in praise of Captain Morgen as well as fierce battle cries to Firinna. Captain Morgen’s presence was imposing as well as inspiring to each of her crew members. Indeed, she attracted a type of cohort that would follow her into a hurricane had she wished it. She had a silken voice of considerable persuasion.

The North Cutter was a pirate hunter. It was fast, agile and needed only a fraction of hands to adequately navigate and maneuver compared to similar vessels. Captain Morgen would see to weapons in those freed hands. She was a bounty hunter and her crew, also dressed in fine red coats, were known for their speed and coordinated tactics to quickly overrun lesser disciplined scum and pirates.

“We arrive ahead of the storm.” Morgen stated. The crew, locked on their captain’s every action. “It is likely that we will be here through the winter I’ll wager, but from what I understand this city holds untold potential for us.” She motioned to the horizon as Stormhaven came into view. Her crew looked in awe, the tales of the world disk paled in comparison to what they now saw. And none too early as the trio of storms converge on Stormhaven like game pieces on a chess board.

‘Stormhaven’ Morgen mused, ‘our haven from the storms’.

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robm1171 said...

Durg: Huh, dressed like that, she's liable to freeze to death... Perhaps we can offer her the warmth of our den