Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review 3/9/2011

We began Friday evening in palaver with Arkeil who has information on the Green Cloaks; information that was oddly easy to come by, which likely lead to traps. First, that the cloaks are set up in the Firefly Cathedral. Second, a priest (the Priest of Enlil) claims to have followed two of the cloaks from there to a different location. Apart from that Arkeil also spoke of a money-changer/ under-writer guild hostility and what timing- during the festival.

Versel and Auge discover an elf male eavesdropping and decide to confront him. He foiled around before Versel asked for a written proposal and Sons will consider it. Auge arranged his drinks that seemed to change his mood, where after he claims to have votes in many guilds. Auge looks forward to seeing this one’s proposal.

Auge sets to creations and Jaren to rest while Durg and Versel set to looking for this priest Arkeil spoke of. After a discussion with Durg he admits to be a player in something the Green Cloaks have planed for us. He was hired to “bless” our house. Mayhap he was to bestow a goodly power to something against us or a needed sacrifice in some necromantic ritual, we all agreed that if is good for them it is most likely bad for us. After that bit of bloody work done, everyone is at rest early.

Saturday, we begin to alter our schedule for nocturnal activity. The adamantine blades from Anvil biter were divided and finish work for the blades was ordered with the Dwarf smiths. Egil joins Arkeil in the hunt for the Green Cloaks. Auge finishes the wand (his first); Versel and Durg clean out the Habibs shop and get it ready for the dwarven crafts men. Versel secures that messages come through the front desk to be personally delivered by one of us. During this time some interesting information reaches our attention. Many comment on the Raptorians and the attack on the Crippled Bone Embassy (Troll-blood Knoll tribe). It is cold and wet, the weather does not look to improve soon.

Egil and Arkeil comeback with information on where the traps are set up by the cloaks; when we arrive we see that two buildings, located near the Firefly temple, are populated with our enemy. One with multiple troops and another fortified building that was clearly used by the command of the death-eater green cloaks.

With a coordinated distraction and a surprise assault, we set fire and fang to them. We begin next session continuing with combat.

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