Monday, March 21, 2011

The dwarf looked up from behind the hastily erected bar, his bushy brows forming a V over his eyes, "Now, ye'll just hafta wait 'til I gets ever'thing set up, then I...".
He stopped, eyeing the tall, cloaked and hooded man that sat at the bar across from him. The face that showed under the hood was one that no one, even the lowliest demon, would find attractive. Qhorgill, the man's name was, was a bounty hunter. One of the best. If you were on his list, you might as well stop running, as life as you knew it would be over. He'd started as a simple mercenary, captaining a squad of men fighting off an invading army somewhere. He'd taken an axe blow to the face, but fortune smiled on him as the helm he wore had a full face guard. The priests were either in a hurry, or didn't want to waste any higher healing on him. They'd pushed his face back together, but now it was slightly lopsided. He'd also lost his right eye, the flickering lights of Torngulf's scattered braziers danced with the shadows in the cavernous remains of that socket. A scar ran from high on his right forehead down to his lower left jaw. The travel-stained cloak he wore parted slightly as he leaned against the impromptu bar, revealing the glint of steel; probably from armor and weapons.
"You lead me on a merry chase, Torngulf. Five years I've been hunting ye," Qhorgill grinned "only to find ye here, along with the other driftwood. Took a pretty penny to get a ship here, too."
Torngulf nodded, carefully placing his hands on the bar. It was said that Qhorgill was so ugly, Death herself was afraid of him. Whether that was true or just a testament to how tough he was, Torngulf didn't know, and really didn't want to find out. "I hearda you, Qhorgill. And I knows it'd be useless to try to buy you off..."
The bounty hunter chuckled, saying "Couldn't hurt to try, though." His eye roamed around the empty tent, taking in the nervous goblins and kobolds Torngulf used as help.
The dwarf swallowed, having the sinking feeling that, even if Qhorgill took the bribe, he'd still bring the bartender in. Summoning up his courage, Torngulf looked the human in the eye, one hand dropping behind the bar and said, "Then let's see what we c'n do to work out an agreement..."

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