Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review (3/23/11)

After our victory over the skull cultists we successfully recovered the Pauchard siblings and a third skull-born by the name of Cadmar Embry. It was late Saturday night as we were discussing what to do next when THE Nightstalker paid us a vengeful visit. His attack was well prepared and devastating. It dropped three of us virtually at once. Then abruptly as the Nightstalker attacked, our father Nissian appeared and using Truespeech- trapped the Nightstalker in a crystal shard. The only one that witnessed the awesomeness that is our father was Vercel.

Two days later (Monday night), we awaken from our injuries and dibliating effects to find ourselves in a mansion seemingly built to accommodate us and our draconic requirements.

Our palaver with father yielded some insight into the machinations around us as well as his own. The sin greed serves Nissian best.
He is from Toril and is known and known as many things.
Father is the architect and is preparing us to rule in the New Age.
He agreed to apply magical protections to the entrance to the lair.
Our inheritance is at the Embassy.
The Knights of the Wave is our enemy because of the sin we embody.
A Rakshasha pulls the Seven’s strings and they are an infection in the Money Changers.

Meanwhile… at the Cinder Block, some of us return as to remind everyone that we are still here and still active. In this we were approached by some members of the spellguard with news of the magic tree outside the Black Crown has fallen. This signifies that the Nightstalker no longer haunts this realm. Jaren arranged a meeting with the Black Crown leadership to discuss the circumstances that let to his defeat.

We were awarded 2000 xp and rolled for items as gifts from our father. We pick up next week- Tuesday with some brotherly hoard building and item picks.

(My review does not convey the splendid roleplaying Troy performed as Nissian. Excellent work sir!)


James said...

If someone can post the pick list I can take my turn with picks from class, so when I get to game- we can begin.

Also, their was talk about where to focus our efforts now that the Nightstalker is no longer a threat. (maybe some green-cloak loose ends.)

I think we can all agree that we need to land a significant blow to the Whites. I'd like to suggest making our move sometime on Thursday. It is before the solstice and hopefully before their preparations (assuming they spend all day Friday preparing for the solstice on Saturday).

Russ said...

1st priority is to find a way to speed up our natural healing ability. The HP damage taken from the night stalker can only be healed by rest. I know there are treatments that can speed up the natural rest/recovery process. I don't know where everyone is but
(Rob please correct me if I am wrong) Rob needs 5 days of complete bed rest & he will still be down about 11 pts or so.

Pathfinder changed the natural healing rule, your CON is not added to the HP regained (which I think sucks). Everyone gains the same HP's your lv / nights rest double that if you stay bedridden for 24hrs.

I do agree hitting the whites should be our next goal but we need to be at full strength when we do it.

James said...

I didn't know rob was that fuked up. Yes when we are at full strength.

robm1171 said...
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James said...

Saturday is the solstice. Do we want to strike on that day? Pros? Cons?

Russ said...

We need a ruling on the healing from Troy. I believe your numbers are correct if we get to add Con to the healing right? If we are going straight by the book it would only be 6pts/ day 12pts for bed rest.

I don't think adding the Con bonus to natural healing is an issue. We have always played that way and I don't see the problem with it. But technically that would be a house rule since pathfinder doesn't state that in the core book

And I think by Saturday the whites will be striking us! :-(

James said...

I have the Augmented belt of healing that produces bandages to provide complete bed rest with during a normal nights of rest (regardless of activity). Just so everyone knows.

Yes I agree that the whites will be attacking us on that day, that's why I believe a preemptive strike is in order. :)

Gordzilla said...

Thanks for the kudos James, I had fun:)

I'm going to put up a post detailing healing. So we'll be able to find it easier on the site I'm doing it as it's own post.