Monday, March 7, 2011


Good news, brothers. Though the events of last night have yet to be shaken out, the day has proven be in our favor. I think the solution of two house bards was inspired thinking, Versel. Having just finished with the dwarven smiths, we have come to a new trade agreement. We have agreed to have their business as our fight club's weapon supplier, and they would pay the remainder of their balance next friday. They also expressed interest in investment. I instead steered them to the idea of donating to the cause of the construction of a training academy within the Cinder Block. They liked the idea so much, they offered a 25,000 gp gift, again to be paid next friday. So, thats 10,000 today, and 40,000 next week. They seemed keen on having their name on a school building. Its hard to guess, sometimes, what motivates people, but these dwarves put a lot of stock in building and craft. Frankly, I think Auge's finest dwarven ale puts those guys in the mood to give away money! ( brothers growl in laughter) Now then, what are we going to do if these attacks continue tonight.....?

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