Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books and Craft

A mithril hinged box of masterwork quality encloses this spell book, making it close to water tight when it is closed. The books thick leather covers are clipped to the top an bottom of the mithril box, so that they open when the cover is opened. The pages are made of a very thick vellum that feels like thin brushed leather. The cover emits a faint aura of abjuration magic, and any spellbook kept within is treated as if protected with an unguent of timelessness.
This spellbook was constructed with great care, and holds the works of two different authors. The first left his arcane mark on the cover, but never signed a name any where in the book. It was he that penned the first 80 pages. The last 70 pages contain the writings of Nissian, though no symbol or name appears to identify him.

The first 20 pages are detailed instructions pertaining to the Craft, books skill. The next 60 pages are the following spells:
0. mending
1. crafter's fortune (apg) , break (apg)
2. make whole
3. sepia snake sigil illusory script secret page shrink item
4. stone shape minor creation
5. major creation fabricate wall of stone

Each spell is followed by 1 page of notes on applications of the spells. the last 7 pages of this section are an unfinished wall of iron spell. This seems to be the point at which the wizard was interupted by an event unknown.

The next 30 pages are a dissertation on "the rules of creation in the Age of Dragons" penned by Nissian about 300 years ago. After that are 20 pages of the following spells:
3. tiny hut
4. globe of invulnerability stoneskin remove curse
5. dismissal

20 pages are still left blank in the back of the book. The results of the fine craftmanship and compiled knowledge represented in this book allow a wizard a bonus to various skills. At the beginning of the day, during spell preparation, any wizard that prepares at least one spell from this book may select a skill from the list below. The wizard treats that skill as if he had the skill focus feat for it for the next 24 hours. The wizard may choose any craft skill, spellcraft, or knowledge arcana. This effect only gives its bonus on our material plane.

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