Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tales from the Driftdown: The Champions of the Abyss

How long is a long time to the damned? Unfortunately for Linos and his crew he was certain they would find out. As hard as he tried not to, Linos’ thoughts drifted back to eight years ago, when he, Mauve, Dusk, and Charnel arrived in Stormhaven aboard the ship “Two Shots and a Chaser”. Stormhaven was as an exotic and strange place as they had ever encountered. His crew had spent the last of their fortunes investing in “Two Shots” and information/divination on the fabled city of Kaer Maga. As much as they spent, the crew could only learn that Kaer Maga was somewhere near Stormhaven, a city that wasn’t near anything as far as they could tell.

He laughed at how na├»ve they had been, not learning much about Stormhaven “because we won’t be there that long”. Some of their other investments didn’t do them much good either for they soon discovered the little good the magic they had brought with them would do without a watermark. They hadn’t counted on living in slums or slowly selling off “useless” magic. Their first two years was a mixture of starving along with the rest of the driftdowns and suffering under the rulership of the sevens, a powerful crime syndicate that ruled over the Downs. During that time Linos thought he may have only seen sunshine once or twice. It was a battle with a group of seven thugs that finally got them a steady paying job, even if it was only guard duty. Guard duty provided them with real weapons and armor as well as occasional forays Upside.
How hard would the other guards in Hag’s Britches laugh if he ever revealed their true purpose in Stormhaven? Korso would probably shit his pants laughing if Linos explained that the four of them are actually Demon Hunters travelling to Kaer Maga to reclaim the weapons stolen from their brotherhood. Dusk and Charnel were beginning to lose faith and doubt that things would ever change. That opinion changed when four half-dragons of obvious power from Upside came in the Hag’s Britches with an amazing offer, one which they would have happily done for damn near free, bring them Godin and be provided jobs and a life Upside. Godin had been a thorn in the sides of the guard around here for years and Linos was tired of putting up with the sevens nonsense. Linos grabbed Mauve and immediately headed over to the splintered pier, knowing that at the very least they could beat some information out of one of the lieutenants. After presenting the four dragon men with the two sevens they captured, Linos rallied his crew after the dragon men left, assuring them that this is the moment they have waited for. The Champions of the Abyss now were free to move against the sevens and earn their way Upside. Linos was sure that they were closer than ever before to the fabled city of Kaer Maga and the chance to fulfill their quest.

The Champions of the Abyss:
Linos 4th Level Human Ranger, 2nd Level Cleric

Mauve 4th Level Human Monk

Dusk 2nd Level Human Fighter, 2nd Level Thief

Charnel 4th Level Human Sorcerer, 1st Level Fighter

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robm1171 said...

These "new hires" may need some background checks. Like, who or what are these "Champions of the Abyss", and who this brotherhood they have alligence to is. Per the post, these guys are Demon Hunters, but who do they answer to? but on 2nd thought, we won't know this unless they bring it up, we "sense motive" they're hiding something or Saroth tells us they're hiding something.