Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tales from the Ether

The worldbound were consumed with names. They named each other, things they saw, even things they didn’t understand. They even had a name for him, well at least his kind. When he thought about the worldbound he almost felt a pity for them, the way a human feels for a cow being led to slaughter. The creatures of the worlds he had visited all knew to fear him; his appearance was so different than their own. Some worlds even had knowledge of his kind and would warn each other about them. Some world’s denizens even thinks that his kind SERVES another worldbound, something the locals there referred to as Drow or dark elves. This was ridiculous of course.

He did have a name, Mic’Xo Plix, but among his kind it was unnecessary to utilize names much. He could sense someone well before ever being introduced and each individual has their own unique imprint. There wasn’t a need to identify yourself as everyone sensed you and marked you from your personal imprint. The worldbound had yet to develop these senses or even recognize its value. Mic’Xo Plix suspected their naivety added to their delicacy, for there was no finer substance to consume than the headapple of a worldbound.

Mic’Xo Plix was currently being supplied plenty of headapples in a world he had been frequenting for the several of that world’s years. Mic’Xo Plix had encountered a strange little creature, a derro, whose senses were developing well beyond the norm of a worldbound. This curiosity had lead to him developing something akin to a friendship with the little creature who was consumed with leading an organization known as the Twilight House that operated in a fantastic city called Stormhaven. Mic’Xo Plix found Stormhaven endlessly fascinating and its extreme distance from other places on this world reminded him of native plane.

Mic’Xo Plix doubted he would be here much longer. Soon the entry to Kaer Maga would be revealed. His Derro ally had sent four draconic half breeds in search of some additional information, the hope being that Mic’Xo Plix’s long time quarry would not sense a connection to him and be revealed. Unfortunately, she must have sensed their coming for she was long gone when the four half breeds sated their anger and hatred on the monstrous giant blooded creature known as Giblet. Uvrok was extremely paranoid in regards to his new gatherers, so much so that he was now trying to see them destroyed, or at least removed from Stormhaven. He constantly referred to a being of power, someone he called Nissian, as their father and protection. It seemed strange to Mic’Xo Plix that Uvrok feared this Nissian more than their draconic heritage. Still the Derro had provided him so much hospitality over the years that he would honor the creature’s wish before he departed for Kaer Maga. He would try a new delicacy, draconic half breed headapples. He wondered if they would be hot when consumed.

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robm1171 said...

Mic'Xo Plix, huh? Do we address him as Master Plix or... MR MXYZPTLK???