Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Journal Entry Versal

It feels good to finally strike a blow against the green cloaks. I hope this sends a message to the Night Stalker that steeling from us has consequences! I think my brothers have a different viewpoint on these skull born as I do. The thought of destroying our property for no significant gain turns my stomach. Those twins are ours, plain and simple, we decide their fate. Had there been suitable compensation offered then perhaps an arrangement could have been made. We are not unreasonable and have shown we are more than willing to buy & sell goods & services to almost anyone willing to negotiate. Now it has become personal, stealing valuables from our company will not be tolerated. The fact those cloaks thought they could steal from us makes my blood boil.
Though we have our property back I feel an inconvenience fee is in order, perhaps we will have claimed enough value from our raid on their stronghold. And if either of them are broken in any way and can’t perform their duties then 100% reimbursement shall be confiscated. Once we are happy with our personnel compensation we start tallying up the property damage. The Black Kraken was a significant loss in value as well as opportunity. Yea, the Night Stalker & his followers still owe us quite a bit of coin as far as I am concerned. I would prefer to collect in gold instead of blood, gold spends easier but if blood is all they have.

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