Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House Rules Part Two: Action Dice

1. Every player receives 1 Action Die per session. An Action Die provides a +5 bonus to a single D20 roll.

2. After using your action die you can make a luck check DC 20. If you succeed you can keep your action die to use again that session. Every successful luck check increases the DC of the next check by 1.

3. Anytime you confirm a Natural 20 critical hit, you earn an action die for that session. (You roll a Nat. 20, and then roll a 16 + modifiers and that would hit, you have confirmed the Nat 20 crit and earned an action die).

4. Anytime you score a critical hit you can forgo the critical and earn an action die, this even applies if you look at the crit card and decide not to take the card or critical. This does not apply to creatures that can’t be crit.

5. The DM can award Action Die for actions deemed worthy, think of it like unlocking an achievement on XBOX. He can eliminate action dice for actions deemed unworthy, such as not keeping good notes on where you got your stuff.

6. The primary note keeper of the game will start with an extra action die.

7. Some sessions may end in the middle of a scenario, when this happens the DM may opt to keep Action Die status current until end of scenario.

8. Anyone may spend two action dice to provide a co-player with a single action die bonus of +5. If that player also used an action die on their self, the bonus’ stack.

9. Anyone may spend two action dice for an extra move action that is an immediate action. This cannot be used if everything in a given situation is resolved. In other words if I tell you to roll a reflex save versus a breath weapon, you can choose to use your two dice to move out of the way. If you wait until after you roll your save, I’ve rolled damage and am preparing to move on you are SOL.

10. Anyone may spend two action dice to gain access to a feat that they qualify for. So you can’t spend two action dice for Combat Expertise unless you have an Intelligence of 13 for example.

11. Anyone may spend two action dice to increase the magical bonus on a magic weapon by +1 for the encounter. After the encounter that weapon becomes magically dormant for 24 hours.

12. Anyone may spend two action dice to utilize a magic item once or for one round depending on type, that is not normally available for them to use or not on their spell list.

13. Anyone may spend one action die to act in a surprise round. If an ability or feat already allows this, you can increase to a full round action during the surprise round.

14. Spell casters may spend two action dice to increase their caster level by 2.

15. Spell casters may spend two action dice to keep a spell they just cast as long as it is not the highest level spell they are capable of casting.

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Gordzilla said...

Please note: The core mechanic is everyone has one +5 they can apply to any D20 roll/session. If you don't like all the extra stuff you don't have to use it. Its there for you to enjoy.