Friday, August 27, 2010

Treasure List (Campign Pause)

Each party member receives 348 gold, and 29 pp. The party fund adds 352 gold and 8 silver. There is also a selection of art items and gems, which I took the liberty of splitting up thusly: Troy gets a gold pendant with a ruby (1700 gp); Butch gets a crystal bowl and pitcher, a mithril chime, and a dog statue carved of wood (1230 gp); Russ gets vestments dedicated to Helm, a silver pearl worth 130 gp, a tourmaline worth 60 gp, and a banded agate worth 10 gp (total value 1200 gp); Rob gets a silver brooch worth 800, a silver anklet worth 60gp, and a violet garnet worth 400 gp. I gave Troy the big dog because he had the first pick this week. The following items are all unclaimed treasure. This list does not include the elemental rings, as they have carriers if not owners. Please respond via post if you spot discrepancies. Also post if you have something you wish to add to the list, or something you wish to claim from the list.
4 dragon horns that are each equal to +1 daggers of venom
Arcane scroll- unseen servant spectral hand
Arcane scroll- burning hands minor image disguise self
Arcane scroll- suggestion tongues
+1 short sword
+1 frost kama
bracers of armor +3
ring of the ram
ring of armor (city of splendors)
gauntlets of weaponry arcane (city of splendors)
black cloak of the archmage
+3 glamoured leather armor
brooch of shielding
thunderstone ring
alchemist fire ring
antitoxin vest
We also have the following items from the air temple:
Wand of airball
Wand of elemental body
Candle of invocation
Sword that once contained the spirit of a vampire. A lot of time has passed, he may have escaped.
Magic hand crossbow
Samular legacy blade, unclaimed by any of the heirs we know of
A number of coin was also taken from the temple, as it displayed opulent wealth. I have in my notes that I took 4000 gp, but your totals may be different. I just wanted to remind you guys of it, cuz there is no way in hell we will remember it 6 months from now. By the way, GREAT FUCKING DRAGON KILLING BONANZA OF A GAME !!


James said...

Thanks I had so much fun. You guy caught on to the pace I was shootin for.

I'd like to add that the cultists all had dragon horns of various types. All four horns are equal to daggers of venom +1.

James said...

Well done butch btw!!!

The npcs will want one pick through of this stuff, but I don't have my stuff with me now. I'll post it later.

robm1171 said...

Thanks Butch, will update Bordane with his well deserved loot ASAP!

James said...

Chadwick choose the +1 short sword
Wayne: +1 Kama
Briar: ring of the ram
Griffith: alchemist fire ring
Eden: wand of elemental body

James said...

Ring of armor (type 1): equivalent to ring of protection +1 with the light fortification armor special ability. 8,000 gp

James said...

Gauntlets of weaponry arcane: made of dragon hide with silver filigree design of waterdeep- the gauntlets allow the wearer to cast magic weapon on a single melee weapon once a day. 2,000 gp