Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Crusades (Part Two: Worm amongst Wyrms)

Maerlyn Gorsomm was a highly intelligent wizard that specialized in elemental fire and was always on the hunt for new magic. His travels took him up and down the Sword Coast seeking to quench his passion for primordial magics.

After a time, the wizard uncovered a lost legend regarding the Nether Scrolls; and so ensued Maerlyn’s dreams of what such primordial power could bring- but the magical texts were guarded by an ancient bone demon. Naberis, as it was known by, was both undead and a demon which made it an extraordinarily dangerous foe. The bone demon with its infernal arsenal, hoarded over seven of the Nether Scrolls and thus had to be dealt with.

The wizard quested and confronted the demon in deadly magical combat that lasted until each was draining off the lands for sustenance to continue, until one or both were dead. When the last spell was cast and the fires had at last died out, both Maerlyn and Naberis were dead. Their physical bodies broken, burned and consumed; but history would continue their tale. Maerlyn, killed with scrolls in hand was denied death and rose as a Lich- while the demon; its essence now inhabited his infernal Mourning-Star.

The Scrolls betrayed the Lich, as they could only be used by the living and were no more than scrap to him; but the Lich was cunning and sought a vessel to use the scrolls to his own devices. Over the years the Lich became fascinated with dragons and the evil such creatures are capable of. The Lich, formerly known as Maerlyn, bestowed the Nether Scrolls to seven great dragons in the North and through these creatures the Lich would realize his power and thus became known and widely feared as the Worm amongst Wyrms.

During that time King Humas Samular and his Knights waged annual crusades against dragons all across the North of Faerun. It would be Tancred; Samular’s first Heir, first Knight and griffon-rider who met the Lich in battle. Both opponents carried an arsenal; the Lich with his Mourning-Star (Naberis) and Tancred with his sword. A sword that was his bond, his life-weapon and whose blade was purposefully crafted to defeat liches: Arcanum.


James said...

4 cards! lol

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Nether scrolls, eh? Seems all we need to do is kill a few dragons, raid their hoards and we'll rule the North... to start with. Damien, get to work on a plan to kill lotsa dragons.

Gordzilla said...

Damian: I believe killing lotsa dragons would play into the cults plans as they prefer their charges to be dracoliches don't they? The hoard I'm most interested in raiding belongs to the several sects of the dragon cult in Waterdeep:)