Sunday, August 29, 2010

On 2nd Thought

I've been thinking and working a bit towards the next game and here is the thing.  I'm much further along and ready for the first portiong, call it part 1, of the next chapter of the All Mage Game than I am ready for M&M.  The Mutants and Masterminds game requires a bit more historical research and I just don't feel I'm quite there yet.  My excitement lies with part 1 of the next chapter.  So with that in mind, when you arrive Wednesday arrive with D&D books.  Main rule book is pathfinder but all 3.5 material is available, on an approval basis.  Please respond that you have read this post and either express your joy or agony at this change. I will be posting more information on this portion of the game.

A few key points:

Characters for part 1 are evil.  Base race is either elf or human.  Two of the characters, depending on choices will have the 1/2 dragon template. Advancement will be on the medium track.


James said...


harrygoblin said...

Thats all good to me

robm1171 said...

sounds good to me

Russ said...

YEAAAA. Signing up for the D and the D