Friday, August 6, 2010

Huma’s Silver Dragon

The Swordsman (Humas Samular)

Also known as The Warrior or The Sentinel, this constellation shares the same traits in cultures across Faerun; loyalty, guardianship, battle, freedom. Many legends and myths have been attributed to the Swordsman through the ages, although most recent human ones tend to center around the exploits of Torm or Tempus. In the North, the Swordsman is called Humas Samular and is believed to be the soul of the legendary hero, who drove the dragons from the north, placed in the heavens by Tempus.

Similarly, the elves have many myths about the Swordsman; the most popular is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Although Auranamn died in that battle, Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the heavens, to spend eternity watching over the elven race.

Huma’s Silver Dragon (Maerilzoun)

The name of this serpent-shaped constellation is ancient, so ancient in fact that only a few sages and astronomers know its' origins or meaning, and most simply call it The Serpent. The constellation was named Maerilzoun by the inhabitants of ancient Raurin, before even the mighty empires of Unther and Mulhorand were born. In their legends, Maerilzoun was a huge, evil serpent that would one day descend from the skies at the end of the world to devour the sun. In the Empires of the Sands, the Serpent is looked upon favorably by thieves, assassins, mages, and others who practice their black arts by night. To the gypsy clans and barbarian tribes of the North, the Serpent and the Swordsman are known collectively as Humas and the Silver Dragon.

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