Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Crusades (Part Three: Humas Samular)

One winter solstice night under the wicked Demon Moon, there was a dire blizzard upon the lands- like none ever before. Death was all but assured for the Northmen of the Frozenfar – so it was Humas Samular that emerged from the people, known as a cleric of Tempus- strong in conviction who would soon return as something far greater. Leaving the folk with words of encouragement that he, Samular would not give up on them if they would not abandon him; however some of the folk believed sacrifice should be made to appease the gods, Samular scolded them and ventured forth to the summit of Arandur’s Crown heedless of beast, cold, wind or storm. Humas Samular climbed and endured with deep, bellowing hymns to Tempus renewing his strength with every step and empowering his resolve with every rise. When he reached the top he was exhausted beyond measure but the people needed a reprieve and Tempus had to be glorified. Chilled to his bones and out of breath, Samular raised teary eyes to the turbulent sky and commanded all gods of storm and fury to halt their assault to the good folk below and be away from here or face the righteous glory that has come to command them! His conviction never stronger.

Deeper darkness grew out from beyond what is the longest night of the year and from out of the north, carried on invisible winds came a great roar and three peals of lightning heralding a great gray wyrm- a storm dragon. The dragon’s body seemed to go on forever; its lethal spines, each as long as spears sharpened to infinity and its presence- so terrifying that every child in the North was visited with nightmares that evening. Samular locked eyes with the terrible beast. Time seemed to stand still as the two joined in epic combat each divinely powered, each blood enemies; and when Samular struck the harbinger of storms down, the dragon’s blood began to seep into the cracks filling veins of the mountains. Trodden and victorious Samular, acting upon faith, consumed the dragon’s seven-chambered heart, prayed in thanks to Tempus and was irrevocably rejuvenated; Tempus had answered.

Samular descended the mountain with a divine overwhelming and demanding urge. He went directly to the make-shift shrine the people erected at the base of the mountain, where he accepted the customary dragon offering- a virgin sacrifice and sired a son who would later go on to become Tancred, the griffon-rider.

Humas Samular of Tempus campaigned in seven holy-crusades against the scourge of evil dragons in the North; with every great victory Samular would ceremoniously consume his quarry’s dragon-heart so that his seed would empower an heir to be strong and noble. Each time he was blessed with a son or daughter from the virgin offered to placate the dragon. Samular would claim his seven children as Knights under his banner the Knights of Samular.


James said...

(Briar) Its like a faerie tale.

(Wayne) For the glory of Tempus, hail Samular!

Gordzilla said...

Damian: It sounds to me like we should be searching for a quality barbacue sauce since we'll have so much dragon heart to eat.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: I'll take mine medium rare!