Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Rules Part 1 Luck Score

OK I admit it. I like charts and I like rolling dice. I like to have something in my back pocket as a player that will let me have a very good chance of success or at least survival.  I know our efforts have been towards streamlining the game and this will add a layer to it but I still think its fun.  I've tested it out with the Sunday group and after initial grumblings its gone over well enough.  I think with the Wednesday crew it will go over even better.  There are aspects of this combo platter that effectively work like James' descriptive combat +2 bonus that was out there, this is just slightly more defined.

Luck score is first. This is a character ability that is generated at character creation just like strength or dexterity.  It follows the same modifier chart in the Pathfinder rule book as other ability points do.  Whenever a player earns an ability point they may choose to increase their luck score or any other character ability.

What is it used for? Well the primary use is to allow a free flow to the game while still allowing for reasoned character creativity. This calls for an example: The party is traveling through the city when an encounter occurs.  The DM has described a bar on the corner and a variety of buildings in disrepair, all containing businesses closed at this hour of the night.  Invariably a player will ask the DM a question about his environment that the DM really hasn't considered, such as is there a water source or well in the vicinity.  The luck score takes care of this by allowing the DM to either set a DC, say 11 in this case since there is a good chance of such a thing, or roll against the players check, reasoning those that lay in ambush picked an out of the way spot, home turf type of thing.  Usually when the dm rolls a check against the player it is at a +2 bonus.  Either way this facilitates the game, while still giving the creative player a chance for some creative combat. 

Of course the DM has the option of when the Luck score roll is necessary.  Another excellent use of the Luck Score is during trips to the market. The players are free to look for anything, the more exotic the higher the DC it is to find. 

I'm also going to work in two additional options.

1. Once per game session a player may add his luck bonus to his initiative "you got lucky and got the drop on them".  That bonus is declared prior to rolling. 

The 2nd use of the Luck Score is a finite number of Hero Points, meaning as you spend Hero Points, your luck score drops permanently.  Hero Points are much more powerful than action dice. Examples of use: Restore all spells as if you just rested, Heal 10 per level, Gain DR 50/+5 for a number of rounds equal to your luck score bonus. Guaranteed saves vs all spells for 1 round. Gain the effects of any one spell equal to the highest level you can cast. Add a magical property to a weapon for an encounter. Gain an immunity for a number of rounds equal to your luck score bonus. Etc. Etc.


robm1171 said...

okie dokie smokie. not sure what the grumbling was about on Sundays, hell i'll take any advantage i can get... and yes, i fully understand the bad guys will have luck bonuses as well.

Gordzilla said...

Hero Points: Maximum of 2 per encounter, cannot use point for same effect twice in an encounter.

Gordzilla said...

Spending a luck score point and using a hero point is an immediate action.