Monday, May 24, 2010

For Honor, Duty and Loyalty

Joliet resisted the urge to shift, as he waited before the large oaken desk in Artur Fireheart's spartan office. The high priest took his time going back and forth between two sheets of parchment before setting them aside and fixing his gaze upon the youngish warrior. Joliet tried to meet his eye, for the high priest only had one working eye, but could not. Rather, the fighter looked at his feet sheepishly.

"We called you here to discuss your future," rasped Artur, his voice wrecked by the same acid that had horribly scarred the left side of his head, face and neck. He gestured to the woman in platemail that stood silently looking out of the office's lone window. "Blademistress Adrianna has some doubts whether you're worthy of the paladinhood, especially after your last adventure."

Adrianna turned at this, facing the room. Her black hair cut short to accommodate the chainmail hood, or coif, and the helm that rested on a small side table. Her platemail was impeccably shined and her blue eyes pierced Joliet's soul. Under this scrutiny, Joliet finally shifted nervously.

"Which of the 3 precepts did you break?" Adrianna asked quietly.

"All 3, Blademistress. It was my duty to my companions to look after their safety; by failing to do so, I lost their loyalty and did grievous harm to my honor," croaked Joliet, his throat as dry as a desert stone.

The high priest and paladin exchanged looks, the paladin finally nodding her approval. Fixing Joliet with his one eye, Artur spoke "As a test, and to make up for the previous failing, we have a mission for you. To the north and east of Waterdeep, some twelve days travel by horse, lies a small village not on most maps. It is said in this village is the stirrings of an evil, an evil that we can easily stop now. There is a foul priest of a ages long, dead god and he toils to bring this abomination back to life. The sorcerer-priest's name is Karlott. Your task is to hunt him down and stop him from bringing forth this evil. Alone."

Joliet's head snapped up at this "Alone, High Priest? That'd be-"

"Impossible, yes. However, until such a time comes that we feel you have earned the right to be part of a company again, Torm will not sanction your actions. Honor, duty, loyalty, boy... these aren't words, they're life."

"Your actions will be watched. Should you try to gather a group, or should other's try to join you and you do not warn them off, your future with the paladinhood will be considered closed," Adrianna ventured, her eyes boring into Joliet.

The warrior thought a few moments and nodded. "For honor, duty and loyalty, I accept this task."