Monday, August 2, 2010

Taurons prayer

Instead of slaking my thirst, the raw blood of the beast fueled my lust for the next conquest. The blood rage of Samular cannot be denied, and indeed unites us all. I offer my thanks and praises to Tymora, the Fair Lady of Luck, for guiding my path to my destiny, but there is no doubt in me that this legacy belongs to me, to US. My hand has still not cooled from the flush of the heart plucked fresh from the kill, and my tongue longs for the taste again, the taste of life-warm blood cooling my thirst and igniting my desire. My arms seem to long for a familiar weight, and my thoughts are consumed with finding the mighty blade Arcanum. I can practically smell the metal of that blade.We have the power to drive these beasts from the north, but more than that , we have an opportunity to crush the fools who build cults dedicated to the worship of these monsters. May our boot heels run thick with the blood of the Cult of the Dragon, and I say these fools will not be granted any mercy from this Knight of Samular. Let their fate be joined with whom they haven chosen to serve, and let us be the harbingers of their destruction. For the NINE!

Butch- I changed my mind and took a cavalier level, making me 4-1 cavalier/cleric. I just wanted to let you all know. James , I want to know if you will let save my feat to use for my Least Legacy feat. I feel closer than ever to finding Arcanum, and I want to be ready for it when I find it.


James said...

Sure, and yes you do feel closer.

James said...

With his sword of samular high in his hands Wayne hearlds the coming battle. With intense eyes and muscles taught, he praises and thanks Father Battle for the slaughter he and his ka-tet will soon bring to dragons for the north. 4the9!!!