Thursday, June 2, 2016

06/01/16 Virtues Session 46: On Point

We begin this week’s session at Charmichael’s on the morning of day 134 discussing just how to approach Markalis Cryssal regarding the King’s request that he be sequestered. Talk of somehow subduing the man; or to perhaps call upon House Cryssal, be truthful and mayhap offering ourselves as escorts to Ferraq Tulle.

We did however agree that the Font of Elemental Earth should be a fall back point should we get separated.

Later that morning we depart for House Cryssal in hopes of an amiable first contact.

Arriving at the estate we find well maintained gardens, broad landscaping as well as ‘seen’ unseen servants- numerous outfitted magical servants glided to and fro busying themselves with menial everyday tasks but it was Kyras who spotted a couple of half-elf security guards trying to hide their presence in the midst of the floating garment-wearing unseen servants (later we learned this individual to be Teyrmallyn Longblade).
Rydin had Kotri knock and announce the arrival of Rydin Meirdarel to the House of Cryssal. Who answered was a half-elf woman, tall and athletic named Maradrell; Markalis’ head wizard. Starved for recognition and praise Rydin spends a friendly amount of time learning that Markalis is currently away but is expected to return within the week. Kotri did not have a favorable opinion of the wizard woman. Nevertheless Maradrell offers to send the servant Ossar once Markalis returns. We agree and tell her we can be reached at Charmichael’s.

When we return to Charmichael’s to arrange catering for the Abbot and his colleges, we arrive to find it busier than normal with various individuals with mixed excuses to get better look at the visitors… us. In speaking with the manager on duty Dramen expresses the need for food and beverage to be delivered at the Observatory for up to twenty-four individuals. The manager apologizes both for the lack of privacy and that it will have to be tonight's special in such a short notice, we find out later it is the jumbo seafood platter.

Later, back in our rooms it was Kyras who spotted a wavering trick of light; a possible invisible opponent or a magical sensor. Taking no chances Syrendross dimensional slides up one hundred feet leaving himself suspended over Charmichael’s to scan the area for any retreating invisible targets. While no such instance occurred, what Syrendross did notice was a circle of protection from evil worked onto the roof of Charmichael’s.  Syrendross sees the afore seen Teyrmallyn but the drow remained atop the inn serving as sentry until Dramen joins him later.

Inside, Dramen decides that the stables are a good a place as any to function as a teleport fallback point should the need arise and also finds that sound carries unreliably due to oddly angled rooms and insulated halls; noting too, that the stone of the inn is one big piece carved into the longhouse/Inn.

Back on the roof Dramen joins Syrendross where the boy wizard activates the magic circle against evil. This has a subtle effect on the Charmichael’s occupants. Dramen decides to fly about (invisibly) in an attempt to find more circles of protection and finds a half dozen more on various buildings. Each unmaintained but visible from the air, a sigil all but guarantees Dramen that the circles are made by Maradrell.
2pm we are visited by the somewhat dim whitted half-elf Ossar. He laments to the change he has seen in not only Markalis Cryssal but in his sister Maradrell in the past few months. “Not all is what it seems, I need to warn you. Our lord-liege travels with strange company.” But while Ossar cannot speak towards the motivations of Markalis, Ossar does feel he knows his sister. He’s taking a big risk but felt it was ok because someone activated one of his sister’s circle of protections. As for Markalis, his recent trips to the Landing are cause for concern- in fact this is where Ossar believes Markalis to be. What sets Markallis apart is his drive for wealth.

Rydin and Syrendross each point out that this is another sign towards a mark of greed. In our discourse the name Bathanon is mentioned as staying in this very inn as recent as yesterday.

Ossar is supposed to be spying on us so we maintain our script as diplomats on behalf of the Admiral/ interim Duke of Bouvaldia. Dramen adds ‘tell her I can fly’ as well as other minor bits of information to report to his sister with. We extend an invitation to Maradrell (through Ossar) to attend a early lunch tomorrow whereby we will have the circle of protection up to rule out mind-control. He agrees and leaves to report his ‘findings’.

Syrendross, curious about the other suite Bathanon had occupied, inquired about the room only to find out it is constantly rented out. Not deterred the drow dimensional slid into the room to find a meticulously protected room shielded from scrying; even the stone had unique properties. It was apparent that a great expense was made in securing the room. Looking around Syrendross finds a pair of discarded socks, a writing desk and implements, as well as signet rings and seals for forging official documents- although only a quarter of which were real.

After returning to the group the rest of the heroes of virtue casually await for the dinner with Abbot Emsin and his professor colleagues.

Around 6 pm we leave Charmichael’s to lead a parade of half-elves who also move to leave marking our exit. We ignore this and stay the course to the Observatory were we find the small council of professors has turned into a well attended meeting. Lapis, however is bayed to follow one of the half-elves who is tracked to the docks and to where we assume the Landing as well. Lapis did not follow beyond that.

Abbot Emsin cordially introduces us to each of his colleagues with wide-eyed enthusiasm as Dolgrin scans the assemblage for evil; all in all, several acolytes and 13 professors. He thanks us for the spread before getting down to important topics and information sharing. We add Urbport to our knowledge resources.     

Meanwhile Dolgrin identifies an evil human couple Garzi (precious metals and stones) and Latty his dumb fucking bitch; Yinrr the foremost authority on astrology; and an evil half-elf. Dramen inquires about the iJob regarding the deciphering of ancient crystal tomes and is referred to Yinrr and an alternate branch of the Eye.

Rydin inquires of an alchemist for twenty potion vials and makes an appointment at Charmichael’s for meet a poison maker. A botanist answers Rydin’s request for metal components and is referred to the Shattered Reef, an interesting shop along the coast.

As this occurs Kyras sees Yinrr, makes a suggestion to come to the Stone Spire, then moves to leave and Dramen observes someone making feverous notes on us. An individual passes a sign to someone else when later many individuals notice something missing on their person. For Syrendross, it was the parchment and inks from ‘Bathanon’s’ room but for Barit it was a wand of bears endurance.

We ended the session there. 

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harrygoblin said...

For Rydin, a signet ring he collected from his Seyp ancestral home was taken. It should be noted this ring is without the Draconic flourishes that Rydin added to Ekken's signet.