Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Order of Ash and Cinder

The Pentagram flared, powered by the soul of one of the promised.  The Ashen Clergy assembled in the summoning chamber, beginning their prayers while they waited for the Elven Druid Wo'Kish to arrive and name which of The Promised had failed.  The Ashen were still praying when The Contract Devil appeared , the pentagram’s magic holding the Devil in place.  To The Ashen’s surprise two more devils appeared in the Summoning circle, a barbed creature and a glaive wielding devil with a writhing beard.  The devil’s seethed in anger waiting to punish whom-ever had trapped them in the Pentagram.  

I've got the details right here
Wo'Kish entered the chamber in a rush.  It took all of the elf’s discipline to master his adrenaline and carefully speak the word of binding Cothar had taught him.   The Devils calmed upon hearing the word of power and awaited their Caller’s terms.   Wo'Kish invoked The Order’s ancient Pact; the Contract Devil immediately recognizing the ancient terms.  

“Bathanon The Promised  has failed in his contract and the target has survived.” Intoned the Druid

“The Soul of The Promised has paid our price.” The devils replied.

“Then go now and revenge our broken promise, our order must be avenged.” Wo'Kish ordered

“Where does your vengeance lie?” the thirteen clergy inquired.

“The Minions of Virtue of must die!” The last sentence reverberated in the chamber , the voices of the clergy, devils and druid entwined. 


James Caruso said...


I'm soooo looking forward to tonight.

Russell McConnell said...

And I would hate to be those "Minions of Virtue". Sounds like there going to get it!