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06/22/16 Virtues Session 49: Three Tomes of Crystal

Gallant Spy
We begin this session catching up with Rydin and Syrendross at the Gallant seeing Favray off, but before he goes, the drow makes good on his map of the underdark- specifically leading us to the Staff of Power that once belonged to Myrddin Og.

Also, while at the Gallant, Syrendross receives a message from Ornap the summoner. The message confirmed the details of the Waverly farm transitioning their tobacco crops to hops to sell exclusively to Harbinger industries has been satisfied as well as a warning. The message further laments that Bathanon simply ‘will not let it go,’ and warns that someone at the Gallant is watching us and to be on our guard.

Leaving behind Rydin, because the elf does not wish to provoke any further awkward encounters with Echn Syep’s family; and Syrendross, because the drow lacked any more protections against the harmful effects the duchy had on drow; the rest of the Heroes of Virtue traveled to the border crossing into the elven duchy of Miar Moshea.

Forty miles later Dramen, with Markalis Cryssal in tow, Dolgrin, and Kyras enter the capitol city of Ferraq Tulle to a formal gathering replete with announcements, trumpets, introductions, and gratitude for returning Markallis.

Once received a student of Viralla asks if there is any immediate danger that could possibly accompany the hero’s return. The student is hastily informed of Cothar, mind flayers (illithids), and (contract) devils.

Creature comforts are provided as one by one people of note drop in and out before the formal midday gathering in front of the King of the Elves. Ambassador Korleigh Lockshire, Daughter of Dumah Lockshire, the Duke of Lockshire, anticipates our travels to Lockshire promising to carry word of our deeds here to her home. Others come and go, each one secretly counting our numbers noting the absence of Rydin (Echn) and Syrendross. Korleigh even breathing a sigh of relief after hearing the elf and drow had not come to the clearing at the end of the path.
Farraq Tulle
Time passes until a formal midday meal is set out with the royal elven court, the King Miraq, Viralla, Ky Shea, Ferrum Vigmatto and Korleigh Lockshire. Six of the kings guard and some of Viralla’s top students round out the assembly. The heroes of Virtue are each announced, even the absentee members, formally as, friends of the crown, our achievements including the border crossing trial and the peaceful recovery of Markallis (who was not present but resting comfortably).

Bards play anthems from each duchy including a national anthem for Bouvaldia, which did not have an anthem until now- called ‘St. Callis Bay.” The heroes are gifted with a scroll of the music.

During this time the heroes see many pages delivering messages as well as replies from the busy king, including one that raises an eyebrow.

It eventually comes time for the  Heroes to tell their tale of Urbport. Dramen begins with meeting Maradrell Cryssal, her confused state and how mind manipulation of the mind flayers connects back even to the border crossing trial  which had conflicting testimony there as well; and finally the Landing- where some of the party believe  had contract devils and mind flayers. However when the Riverboat Gambler Sodanum and Arcanthorth are mentioned at the Landing, Ferrum appears surprised and even asks when we had dealings with him.

The King asks if we believe Markallis was manipulated, to which the answer was yes, the heroes indicating the physical evidence that can be seen on Markallis.

There follows a formal presentation to our ambassador’s tome as well as the verification scroll after which Miraq Moshea signs the books with an added gift of giving us time on our quest: the King of the Elves assures us that when we present ourselves before the King of the Isles that Miraq promises there will be a designee from Mogerin to add there to sing and support our cause.

During the luncheon Dramen asks for a word with Ferrum Vigmatto when the second course is served followed by the presentation of ribbons, tassels, and crystal figurines of us.

The King finally excuses himself, it was at this time Viralla approaches Ferrum for Dramen, but returns with unfortunate news that he cannot (or will not) meet with us. Nevertheless Viralla offers to take Dramen to her place and to Ferrum Vigmatto’s after.

A short time later, after the King’s Luncheon, Viralla takes Dramen and the others to her smallish crystal home. Proving to be larger on the inside, Viralla takes Dramen to the ‘map of the ways’ a three dimensional crystal chamber showcasing the Ways/ Lay Lines before the Earth became its own plane. Some areas of the chamber were clearly identified with symbols. 

She hands the wizard Keltischer Sanger's Workbook, a key to the map’s symbols as well as other collected works on the Ways. Making more sense to the ‘four command phrases’ leaned from before, Dramen learns that Sanger was trying to craft something to manipulate the Ways. (amulet of the planes?) Attempts to track our past travels through the Ways using this new map were unsuccessful.

A few hours later Viralla leads Dramen, Dolgrin and Kyras to Ferrum Vigmatto’s, an extravagant crystalline home that original building has been added on to over the hundreds of years, each new addition conforming to the home’s perfect geometry.

A servant receives the ambassador and offers refreshments and comforts until Ferrum arrives. When he does he seems a large presence. He was asked what was the nature of his confusion; Ferrum's response was that was surprised to learn that his brother Arcanthorth was already in Urbport and not where Ferrum thought: ‘he made great time if that’s the case.’

We reiterate Arcanthorth’s last testament that he wanted his seedy reputation to stand but he was always loyal to the king.

A short time later Dramen, Kyras and Dolgrin reunite with Syrendross and Rydin at the Gallant, (insert encounter here) but the reunion was short lived as Dramen, Syrendross, Kyras and Dolgrin leave for a certain mine house to complete the Eye contract. 

Along our journey we happen across tracks belonging to not one, but three ettins approximately eight to ten hours old as well as a cleaned and eaten wolf about a mile from our destination.

A short time later we encounter the three ettins chewing on dead humans, elves and half-elves. We killed the ettins in short order and had Lapis bury the dead after Dolrin performs last rites.

Closer to our destination some of us find traps of the noise making variety before finally finding the intended mine house.  The mine house is much like we have seen before with three service buildings, however this mine used to be an amber mine.

A woman’s voice hails us and offers us refuge from the ettins. Chanys was her name and we hastily inform her that the ettins as well as any help arriving are dead. However after Dramen divulges the reasons for our visit, she quickly leaves to retrieve Juidor.

Fitting the profile for the job, Juidor questions Dramen’s expertise while the rest of us discover the origins of the ettins…

Dramen is informed that the crystal tome is fragile beyond anything and dates back centuries. Dramen asks as to book’s origins (still thinking the iJob is for only one crystal tome) and is told someone Juidor knows for a long time presented this book to him as proof that ‘dragon’s lied’ and for Juidor to judge and decipher the words himself.

Entering the mine, Dramen sees the chamber where the tome is located is lead lined and protected from theft. Tools are readily available to handle the delicate pages but Juidor warns of unnecessary handling of the book for obvious reasons. The tome, Juidor states, is fragile, ancient and its contents to be kept in strict confidence.

Meanwhile Dolgrin and Syrendross discover  a new mine tunnel withseveral broken pieces of amber that the ettins appeared to have been encased in until  Juidor's company mined the amber and  they unwisely freed the hungry ettins. The amber was minedto pay for the iJob. Lapis closes the mine tunnel after the amber was collected.

In the secured room Dramen estimates deciphering the crystal will take a week until it is revealed that there are two more books as part of the contract making for three weeks of downtime. Nevertheless this book must be first translated, but at first glance it appears to be an ancient spell books of seventh level magic. The virtues are mentioned as heavenly and sins are that of hell; theories connect sins with drow. There is a mention of a great elven ‘event’ and how a spell came to fruition then follows how other spellcasters improved on the idea and thus created new spells.

It was here Juidor decides to tell Dramen about the other books and when we decide to take three weeks of downtime.

We are awarded 5,000 exp and the Amber covers the cost of approved creations. 


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