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06/29/16 Virtues Session 50: The Big Five-0

We begin this week’s session with detailing what our characters did for three weeks (21 days) of
downtime as the three tomes of crystal were deciphered and copied one by one.

Dolgrin, curious about these newly found creatures encased in amber, found a beast-man seemingly preserved in the ruddy stone. Taking pity on the creature, the paladin breaks through the amber releasing the bestial specimen from its cell. When it does the creature begins to revert back to its smaller dwarf form. Naked and confused Dolgrin learns the dwarf’s name is Nobyka and is suffering the effects of a type of *thropy and has been imprisoned for about thirty years. Over the course of the first week of downtime Dolgrin uses the heal skill and with his class abilities as a paladin removes the disease from Nobyka. On the sixth day the heroes bring their new dwarf friend to the Gallant to start a new life. Barit helps Dramen and gives aid to Nobyka as well.

Rydin uses this precious bit of time to building influence and to delve into local libraries and personal book collections, along with Syrendross, to retrain some skill ranks into Knowledge (Truespeech). They do so in the protections of a rope trick. For Rydin’s second week the magus retrainsa feat to power attack with the help of an elven swordsman from the border crossing as well as spending Rydin’s influence to gather the following information:

Myrddin’s lost staff of power: Rydin realizes that even now magical armaments and devices are taking on our character’s characteristics; similar to that we are mythic encounters for enemies so too do the magical items our characters carry becoming noteworthy and eligible for relic status. Rydin gets a strong image of the staff that, by now is considered an artifact. The staff is in fact one that was bestowed to Thaddeus Grellspit and was said to have restored the elf to life several times leading some to believe Thaddeus is still alive but is altered by repeated resurrection magics.

The Ring of Fire Cabal: a collection of evokers, magi, and sword-sages who study offensive magics in an apprentice-master organizational structure. They do not take contracts and do not purport as anything sinister. Finally, there are thirteen masters and thirteen apprentices for a total of twenty six members.

Tier Ne Somenhiem: The duchy has three cities of note- Trusk, a port city; Somenhiem, the capitol; and Naper’s Dawn which is historically significant as the king of the isles was said to have ended the Pirate Rebellion there shortly before the Sundering. Tier Ne Somenhiem translates to ‘Heaven on Earth’ and is the proverbial land of milk and honey. It is a land rich in resources and timber; the land is large with several small communities; and it is a region affected the least during the Sundering. Finally the Eye operates very discretely in this duchy.

Finally for Rydin’s third week of downtime the elf adopts a workout routine to build his stamina and toughness adding four to his hit point total. For Kotri, she enters the market to trade magical items.

Kyras fills his time writing spells on bark scrolls and preaching the Green Faith while also looking for signs of the sinister ash druid. Kyras picks up a couple of acolytes who promise to spread the Green Word along the River Road and set up near New Azurite.

Syrendross joins Rydin in the first week of downtime by also retasking skill points into Knowledge (Truespeech) thereby affording all arcane spellcasting chgaracters proficiency with the rare skill. For the second week Syrendross looks to the stars and continues to plot the course of the Evening Isles concluding the Isles are roughly between Africa and South Americas in the Atlantic Ocean southern hemisphere. This continental drift formula would later be applied to the ways maps seen in Ferraq Tulle to come up with a way to apply a theoretical application to the earth in regards to the ways. Finally, the last week was devoted to spell research. The first was Black Tentacles and the other three came directly from the crystal tomes: Greater Ley Pulse (7th level Deep Magic), Disruptive Aura (8th level Deep Magic), and Ley Surge (9th level Deep Magic).

Lastly, Dramen fills his downtime with item creation, upgrading items for his friends, and deciphering the Crystal Tomes for Juidor and the Eye. In addition the boy-wizard learns that there was no ‘lie’ from the dragons, instead in the third book refers to beings of virtue as immense embodiment of heaven, but more importantly came a greater understanding of why the ways was breaking down around Earth; not only because of its recent (in cosmic terms) transition into its own plane of existence but how bubble dimensions that had once surrounded Pangaea (term for pre-prime material earth) broke down without the connection, like a broken circuit. Furthermore Dramen discovers that the people who added their knowledge to these tomes ages ago were trying to affect the ways with their magics and items of power; Sanger was presuming ways to web new ley lines around Earth.

However, in the midst of this downtime the Virtuous Interlopers returned to the Gallant where they encountered the Contract Devil who was trying to divert us from saving Arcanthorth Vigmatto from his brother Ferrum. After the battle, which saw many summoned bearded devils, Dramen cast a sending to Arcanthorth to warn him. While the message came late, we did injure the Contract Devil enough that the assassination on Arcanthorth failed. We become certain the Devil was the result of our characters defeating Bathanon and that Arcanthorth or one of his companions achieved or gained a mythic tier. This is when the minions of Ash and Cinder become known to us.
"Virtuous Interlopers!"
At the end of the three weeks Dramen lets Juidor know that we know more than we first indicated. While Dramen and the other heroes do not speak specifically of dragons, opinions of Ferrum are not held in the highest regard and that Ferrum plots to kill his brother Arcanthorth. Rilenia is mentioned but Juidor laments these Crystal tomes belong to the Vigmatto family. Juidor was chosen by Ferrum because Juidor too did not benefit from the arrival of the Dragons of Virtue, but after Ferrum was seen in strange company Juidor reached out to the Eye for aid with the crystal tomes to have Ferrum’s claims verified. After Juidor asks if there is anything he can do, he is advised to take what he knows to the King of the Elves after he is told about or past exploits in Miar Moshea. He agrees and says he will take what he has learned to Arcanthorth as well.

With three days of downtime remaining Dramen teleports iMembers to Tier Ne Somenhiem for Yinrr and learns to recreate Sanger’s circle of protection, the kind Maradrell creates on the side in Urbport. Dramen also hears of Somenhiem Museum where the Eye discretely operates.

Day 157. Tier Ne Somenhiem where the land is green, rich, and largely unaffected by the Sundering. One of the first amazing features is the floating castle nestled near a shielding mountain range. Floating companionably near the castle are two minaret towers, but more fantastic that these were the fifty (five-0) large winged minotaurs. This vision of floating castles and minarets results in dire flashbacks for Rydin/Myrddin; reminding the elf of Vlad and his first encounter with Nissian as well as the floating tower that had real connections to the negative material plane.

Day 158. We arrive to the sloping hills of Naper’s Dawn a small city of cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, smoke stacks of industry, and tightly packed buildings huddled in a lose crescent around three great wells, each with their own names that also correspond to the major thoroughfares of Naper’s Dawn. We quickly locate The Grumblebelly’s and decide where to make our presence known.

We are awarded 4,000 xp and begin next session in Naper’s Dawn. 

Naper's Dawn


James Caruso said...

Great game last night!

Gordzilla said...

Thanks, great review:)

Russell McConnell said...

Fun Session & Great review.

One thing I forgot to mention. When I went to Urbport on the last three days for teleport service I needed Yinrr to mark the crystal tome job as complete in the Ibook.

That gives me three eye jobs complete. Unless each trip counts as a separate job then it's five complete.