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06/08/16 Virtues Session 47: Knowledge Holds Its Value

Session begins after the professors meeting arranged byAbbot Emsin. Following the meeting of minds Syrendross takes to the observatory for the remainder of the evening; Kyras, Rydin, and Kotri excuse to themselves to Charmichael’s as Dramen, Dolgrin and Barit travel two miles outside of Urbport to the Stone Spire accompanied by Garzi, Latty, and the Professor of Alchemy to eventually meet Yinrr, the foremost authority on astrology to inquire about the Eye contract deciphering a crystal tome.

At Charmichaels Kyras feels a druidic presence while Rydin notices a strange individual watching them. It was not long thereafter Syrendross returns after the Observatory closed.

On the way to the Stone Spire Latty makes observations about Dramen’s teleport skills adding that the Eye pays handsomely for that type of service.

Dramen comments it not about the money. This has an alarming effect on the Stone Spire cabal members, but the young boy-wizard concedes that deciphering the crystal tome is a contract of happenstance.
Talk shifts to crafting and Latty’s desire for a fashionable piece of protective magic for Garzi as an anniversary gift while offering Dramen and the Dwarves a bottle of liquid refreshments. Even the Professor of Alchemy got in on the gift giving with pipe smoke; a pretext for looking at the heroes through magical spectacles.

Then it was Dramen’s turn to ask questions about the Cabal’s mission statement and their reaction to the name Bathanon. While they are between statements and no one claims to have heard the name Bathanon, Latty confirms someone fitting Bathanon’s description was seen recently.

10:30 pm. Upon arriving at the Stone Spire Dramen and Dolgrin could see artificial hills and bunkers surrounding the base of the Spire as well as a pair of water wells and two satellite buildings: a bunkhouse and a mealhouse that also functions as a common dining hall and an overflow shelter.

The overall decor was heavily Eye-based with the phrase in King’s Tongue: ‘Knowledge holds its value’ featured prominently.

Here they are met by Yinrr who is shown more than a little respect within the Spire and asks Dramen for a story from Bouvaldia.

Dramen relays the story of the breach in what was renamed St. Callis Bay and the waterwall collapse, but no mention of Ley lines or the Ways. This lasted past midnight.

Day 135. After stories were exchanged the human Yinrr explains to Dramen the details of the Crystal Tome contract as well as its location. (five miles from another minehouse we are already familiar with)

But Yinrr ties to recruit Dramen and asks if the wizard would take some friends to Trusk in the duchy Tier Ne Somenhiem. After some follow up Dramen is allowed to see an artist’s rendition of Trusk; although flawed it is enough to give Dramen a chance of teleporting there.

A short time later Dramen is introduced to Yinrr’s friends in need: Garzi, Latty, a Cyclops, derro, and a human woman referred to as Jane.
Naper's Dawn

Flight is first granted to each traveler in the case their travel is off target.

The act of teleporting is quick, arriving slightly off target near Naper’s Dawn. The Cyclops gives Dramen a ring of Electricity resistance minor for the Cyclops and passage for two others.

Without delay Dramen arrives back to the Stone Spire and Dolgrin, his seat in the mealhouse not yet cool.

1:30 am. Arriving back at Charmichael’s Dramen and Dolgrin witness Rydin and Kyras following the spy identified earlier. This individual, who has some kind of concealed weapon, while looked human had a distinct non-human gait to his stride. They follow the not-human spy out to an alley where the individual had descended a short series of steps to a metal door equipped with a sliding spy hole. Not feeling it, the heroes retire for the evening.

10 am. Kyras wakes to the presence of the powerful druid again as we take our places in preparation for Maradrell and Ossar’s visit.

When she arrives she is pleased to report that she has sent a message to Markallis regarding our search for him. Barit activates the circle of protection on the roof as we begin our questioning; Dramen even taking Ossar aside to learn more on her disposition.

We learn about Maradrell’s crafting prowess and the eight protection circles on various Eye buildings and location. This ability, introduced to her by Abbot Emsin, gave her enough funds she needed for her personal pursuits.

But when pressed about Markallis or the Landing we get an unsettling programmed response and physical ticks that seem to indicate physic tampering or truename magic. This unsettles Ossar. But when the subject of a magic carpet comes up, she denies such a thing and traps herself in a loop of mixed points out of context.

Bringing Maradrell from her broken state we discuss her current duties (upgrading the light atop the Stone Spire) and who were her teachers. She said her uncle paid for her numerous tutors and credits the Ring of Fire Cabal as well.

Referring to Markallis as ‘Uncle’ in more lines of questioning did not yield new information. She does however display curiosity of our travels; we politely share some stories before she and Ossar leave.

12:30 pm. Dramen and Syrendross return to the Observatory to follow up on the protection circles the Abbot provided to Maradrell to eventually discover 700 year old ancient texts study into the creation of said circles of protection by an individual by the name of Sanger and a ‘K’ sigil- perhaps an initial (Keltischer).

Meanwhile Dolgrin, Ryind, and Kyras follow up on their ‘not human’ spy to find a half-basement with a  dirt floors and a cache of ill gotten gains. A trap door lead above into a staircase closet, that opened into a simple unused storefront, a large potted shrub the only evidence of any residency.  The stairs above the closet lead upstairs where the trio come across the ‘not man’ gnoll; the sinister Bathanon; and the foreshadowed druid, a malevolent elf of unusual power.

2:30 pm. Dramen and Syrendross arrive at the Stone Spire ready to transport those with the need and the funds to Tier Ne Somenhiem. However the visit is unexpected and Yinrr asks us to return later that evening. Dramen inquires about spell components and is referred to Elenor at the Shattered Reef along the coast. When asked specifically about the Landing Yinrr explains it is full of exiles, criminals, slavers and cultists. Yinrr refers us also to Nysos who is in good standing with the noteworthy astrologist.


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