Thursday, April 21, 2016

04/20/2016 Virtues Session 40: Intersecting Business

Waverly House
This week’s session begins with us reunited at the Waverly farm and large areas of turned over earth caused by a bulette; gone were the animal carcasses from the night before seemingly consumed by the earthen eating magical beast. After stabling the remaining animals, securing the area, and making sure the servants are safe we begin making our preparations for another attack by staking out positions that best utilize our strengths.

Syrendross atop the barn, the dwarves Dolgrin and Barit in said barn. Kyras and Kotri about 30 yards out, a reduced-in-size Dramen comfy inside a rope-trick, and Kyras staked out inside the little house on the prairie.

About an hour after sunset the summoner attacked with undead wolf-like creatures and his Eidolon, now in a monstrous winged form. We quickly run the spell-caster off and after the undead are destroyed, Syrendross teleports the heroes of virtue, sans followers, to Harbinger Industries- the most likely place we believe the summoner retreated to.

Sigh Rendross
We arrive to a busy farm despite the late hour, rich smells of food, and second dinner where elven and human farmhands eat. We are greeted by ‘spoon-man’ who escorts everyone save for Dolgin to tables of food and libations. Outside Dolgrin befriends a group of affable laborers who lend some nuance to the Harbinger ‘intersecting business’ plot and their motivations in acquiring the Waverly lands.
Inside the forty-plus room palacious farmhouse, Rydin and the remaining group ask around for Bathanon but are instead greeted by April (Bugsy’s wife) who thinks said mercenary could be with her husband down by the canal.

A half hour away from the Gallant and 15 minutes from Harbinger; the canal we all arrive to contained idle river traffic and the newly acquired riverboat casino/ former brewery and tavern; as well as the impeccably dressed and authoritative Bugsy Charmichael; and the (evil*) mercenary Bathanon.

Dolgrin NO!!!!! (Landshark)
Bathanon claims to be in the area for different reasons (possibly this?), but finally comes to terms about recent events after Rydin explains how we have intersecting business. After much discussion, amongst the party and between Bathanon and his employer Bugsy, there was an agreement, predicated on the Waverly family endorsement: the Waverly farm change their tobacco crops to hops to sell exclusively to Harbinger industries. This will assure the attacks will stop; however Kyras further insists that the Waverly livestock be replaced and the druid will take this accord to the Waverly’s. Together Dramen and Rydin make Eye-contact with Bathanon; Dramen also mentions the summoner we ran into and this is where we learn the name Ornap Caroom.

With that behind us we travel back to the road community where Kyras explains to Pa Waverly the agreement and encourages him to accept; Pa Waverly agrees provided Kyras bless his fields on the morrow. At the Gallant we meet the summoner Ornap again, this time the meeting is more cordial. He is an Eye member and is business-like in his apology; he buys us a round of drinks, and says he will personally replace the lost livestock ;-).

Ornap plans on traveling to Bier De Weitz, the ‘land of opportunity’, to make contact with Ipsen. He informs Dramen and Rydin the only Eye member he knows about in Miar Moshea is an elf spy (from Lockshire) named Grell. Personally Ornap is glad there was a solution without the loss of life, namely his own, at the Waverly house.

The rest of the night passes. On the second day at the Gallant (day 126) we leave for the Mine House; travel to the Waverly house for Kyras to place his blessing on the fields; and eventually encounter the foreshadowed bulette.

Overcoming the bulette’s defenses we destroyed the monstrosity, were awarded 2,000 xp for the creature, and 3,000 xp for ‘intersecting business’. We pick up next week at or hear the Mine House.

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