Monday, June 20, 2016

Stonelord Surprise

Cothar the Trustarian Ruined!
The stink of the virtues was all over the Stonelord when he entered Cothar’s chamber, interrupting his negotiations and bindings. The dwarf’s arrival would destroy another of Cothar’s identities, ruining several years of work for the Truenamer.  The individuals the Stonelord traveled with also radiated power but The Master of the Word understood there were no negotiations to be had with a Paladin.  

Even should Cothar succeed in destroying the do-gooder,  the dwarf’s destruction would only summon the direct attention of the cursed virtues.  With a thought Cothar dismissed the Magnificent Mansion, depositing the majority of his enemies into the sea along with several of Arcanthorth’s customers.  The resulting chaos provided Cothar the opportunity to drop his current guise and planeshift home, a place no virtue would follow. 
Cothar Master of the Word

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