Thursday, June 16, 2016

06/15/16 Virtues Session 48: New Azurite

We begin this weeks session with a combat between the stalking Dolgrin, Kyras and Rydin as well as Barit and Kotri against the sinister Bathanon, the powerful druid, and ‘not-man’ gnoll from the night before.

As combat waned the druid and gnoll escapes by virtue of plant teleportation; Kyras chases Bathanon briefly through the streets of Urbport and appears to slay the man before he is ‘recalled’ seemingly not by Bathanon’s own doing.

When word of this reached Dramen and Syrendross at the Stone Spire, Dramen being familiar with the half-basement hideout, teleported the two Archmages to their friends.

After finding a map Bathanon and the two others used to mark their buried treasure and a quick sweep by Lapis through the half-basement, uncovers 15,000 gp in various jewelry and valuables as well as magic: verdant boots; monkey belt, greater; +1 weapon/+1 special ability (given to Barit); metamagic rod, minor (+1); ring of the sea strider; rhino hide; a ring of force shield and three potions of CCW.

As we were gathering the hoard a knock at the empty storefront reveals Favray who also followed the clues to our location. This prompts a casting of non detection from Syrendross and a scenic change to Charmichael’s.
Favray of New Azurite
Favray reports to Syrendross and the heroes what he has found out about Bathanon. Favray had tracked Bathanon along the Slice until somewhere around the Elemental Font of Earth, the assassin Bathanon seemed to be tracking someone- and that someone is here in Urbport. Furthermore Favray believes (although wrong) that Bathanon is here for Markalis or Maradrell and the target is expected upon the riverboat Sodanum. We later believe Bathanon’s target was likely Arcanthorth Vigmatto and not one of Cryssals; but before that Syrenross puts Favray on Maradrell watch for the next twenty-four hours.

Exiting Charmichael’s we saunter our way down to the docks where we are approached by a couple of half elves who attempt to steal our attention to their own mercantile interests. Rydin greets these two, states we are searching for a friend and learns where not to find that certain someone. The half elf mentions The Depths, an exclusive location marked by a distinctive buoy in the waters; and an area of docked ships around a gambling riverboat near what we know of as The Landing. 

We book passage with one of the half elves to the riverboat Sodanum. Near The Landing we see many well traveled experts, deep open canals and lanes between each length of dock as well as armatures that carry spell effects into the open sea waters instead of lighthouses one may expect. The Landing marks the beginning of open seas as well as the anchor for the armatures that extend outward like bony fingers. The Landing is a shantytown surrounded by well made vessels from around the world.

Arcanthorth Vigmatto
Armed with locate creature we disembark on the Sodanum and are pleased to be approached by none other than Arcanthorth Vigmatto (Known as the feuding lover among elven nobility, Arcanthorth’s scandalous reputation is audacious in rumor and fact.  His longest held feud being with his brother Ferrum, supposedly over Arcanthorth bedding his brother’s then wife.), the brother of Ferrum Vigmatto (A traditionalist of the old order, Ferrum seeks to restore Miar Moshea to its ancient customs, status and structure.).

Topless females explained the games and buy-ins within the private games and non-traditional auctions. Arcanthorth escorts us into the inner sanctum where the individual Cothar was literally auctioning trust. Smoke and warm bodies choked the forty by forty lecture style room. To Syrendross and Barit, Cothar appeared as a terrible twelve foot tall figure auctioning his services in binding individuals within groups into a pact. Some are human, some just appear human.

Present at this event was our target Markalis. This was followed by a brief exchange between the truenamer and the paladin and combat that plunged Syrendross, Markalis, and many topless ladies into the sea waters when the magnificent mansion was dismissed. At the end of the chaos we regrouped with a dazed and confused Markalis at a nearby docked ship. Markalis displayed scars from wounds consistent with parasites and mind flayers behind his neck.
Dramen teleports most everyone including Markalis to the border crossing while Syrendross, Kotri and Lapis tarry in Urbport a bit longer to retrieve Favray before teleporting and rejoining everyone at the border between Lockshire and Miar Moshea.

Before thanking us and making his way back to his home, Dramen asks Favray if he is familiar with the minehouse five miles from his own (where the decipher crystal tome quest is located). While he does not know much he is aware that many of the crystal mine houses are very similar design and layout.

Favray expresses is graditued and asks Syrendross to spread the good word of his drow community; New Azurite, Rydin giving the drow Favray three 500 gp necklaces to increase his renoun among his own people.

We are awarded 5,000 xp and begin next session entering Ferraq Tulle, the capital of Miar Moshea


harrygoblin said...

Great review, but two notes. Rydin chased Bathanon through the window to slay him him in the street, not Kyras. And also, the three necklaces, as well as the two " baubles " traded for services at the docks, were worth a collective total of 500 gp, given from Rydin's newly gained cache of purloined jewelry.

James Caruso said...

My mix up in names and I totally missed the 'baubles' note but hey 500 gp total was right. lol!

harrygoblin said...

Two very small notes in yet another richly detailed clearly written review thanks as always JC.