Monday, April 18, 2016

Dramen Geist: Day One Hundred Twenty Four, Identity Crisis!

Dramen’s mind wandered as he penned his evening scroll. He intended on gifting it to Rydin in the morning but had to restart it twice already due to his absentmindedness. The room at the Gallant was the nicest he had ever been in. Not quite as nice as his suite at the Jade Jug, he thought as he looked around.
No” he said quietly as he tried to clear his head. 

Unlike his companions Dramen had not connected to his patron’s consciousness through death. It was during the Aegis of the ages that he was first able to contact the Traveler. But it was his most recent connection, crafting the Mythic rod of cancellation that troubled him now.

Dramen had become a skilled crafter in his brief time since his awakening. But he knew he did not have the ability to craft such an item on his own. Requesting Smendric’s aid in a mythic level of crafting had exposed Dramen to many of his “less desirable” personality traits. Traits Industria had personally seen to that Dramen did not share the burden of. But Smendric’s will was powerful and constant exposure for forty-five days had taken its toll. He felt his connection to diligence being tested as the need for fame, and roguish mischief continued to creep forward from the back of his mind. Glancing over at the small set of rouges tools on the desk, he couldn’t even remember where he had gotten them. There are many benefits to being a well renowned wizard he thought. Who’s to say I can’t be diligent and admired at the same time? As he looked to his scroll, a jumbled mixture of half a dozen spells none of which were complete, perhaps I will feel better after a bath?