Saturday, April 23, 2016

An Observing Eye

Favray observed the battle against the gargantuan bulette from the second floor balcony of the Mine House. The balcony  was a newly added feature that the drow elf had only recently completed.  The battle below was breathtaking in its ferocity and power.  Favray couldn’t be sure how many heroes were battling the magical beast but he was fairly certain the Land Shark had crushed a dwarf in its teeth.  The Drow drew a worried sigh, seeing that one of the heroes was an elf and another appeared to be of mixed blood.  It was difficult to clearly see anyone between the immense size of the bulette and the velocity at which the heroes moved some seemingly sliding from one point to another without physically moving at all. Favray’s breath caught as he observed what appeared to be another Drow, impossibly working alongside elves and dwarves.  
Ancient Broken Bracers of Armor +3
The battle was awesome in scope but was over quickly, the massive land shark exploding in a magical geyser of acid.   Favray now had several concerns, this group of adventurers had dispatched in seconds a creature Favray had previously considered undefeatable.  Why were they here? They were obviously much to powerful to be connected to the job Favray had contracted the Eye for.  Could they possibly be Locksmiths? HERE? Have we been infiltrated? The Gunslinger calmed his thoughts, watched, and waited. 
Bulette Battle 


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