Sunday, October 4, 2015

09/30/15 Virtues Session 21: Piercing the Veil

You killed my son, my only boy.” The corpse of Noel voiced through busted teeth, and rotting flesh pointing at Rydin with a crooked taloned finger.

Overhead the cackling mantical flapped his horrific wings as the cleric Chriay cursed, his silence defeated by the drow arcanist. The moon had retreated behind thick clouds as if hiding from the undead soul knight, the former Sheriff of Hillshade and Denosia the failed cohort.

Noticeably shaken Rydin took up his elven curved blade and silently vowed to destroy the cleric for this atrocity.

Not so my lady, your son died valiantly defending the innocent.” Rydin answered more to himself that to the undead woman that came at him.

All around the magus his friends took up arms against the undead forms of their old friends as above in the night sky Syrendross took aim at the mantigal. This was the length their adversaries would go to hunt down and defeat the agents of Virtue. We must be wary of whom we befriend, Rydin thought as he surged with insight at the notion of a dwarven cohort.

The game session begins after a couple of weeks after our battle with the behir and the discovery of the Aegis of the Ages. In that time Dramen was successfully able to commune with his host Smendric to ensure that agents of Virtue would be tasked with transporting the invaluable treasures and knowledge to a more secure location. In the meantime Syrendross and Dramen commit this location to memory if teleportation was necessary in the future. Dolgrin and Rydin discovered together that while the elves used existing dimensions for travel it was the dwarves that anchored way-points to earth.

We were also able to create modernized versions of ancient forgotten magics as we all waited for members of the Order of the Lynx to arrive as guardians of the knowledge until such time as the Dragons of Virtue and or our hosts secure the Aegis.

On the morning of day ninety-six five knights of the Lynx, led by Echs, informs us that he was made aware of our situation and purpose as well as the value of the Aegis of the Ages. They have come prepared to stay up to a month if need be. Kyras warns them of some of the local dangers including the cottage over the cave, although they have heard of a ‘dark knight’ in this area before, as well as the Ogres Gerdo and Kerkenilin who serve the giant king. Although they did not seem to put much stock in what was likely another giant-come-lately who fancied himself Macron.

Noon we depart to the lower reaches, blasted volcanic regions, and foothills were we first encountered a flying scout that portended a battle ahead. Though Syrendross was able to startle what was known as a mantigal away, we soon encountered the main group tasked with hunting us down.

In the night we came upon a evil cleric and the mantigal who was accompanied by the dead and reanimated corpses of Sheriff Radolia, the widow Queylia, Ranger Denosia and his mother Noel. It was an emotional battle but one we were able to overcome. Using some of our gear lost when Syrendross, Kyras, and Dolgrin perished they tracked us down in an attempt to finish the job.

In the end we gathered our belongings and buried the dead- Dolgrin laying them to rest, and continued down the slopes to the Elemental Font. Two days after leaving Echs and the Order of the Lynx we see that the five score of dwarves at the Elemental Font was now also populated with some refugees seeking refuge from the chaos of the duchy.
We spend time with a dwarven spell-caster named Osera who sealed the font all those years ago and offered to remove her doings. She tells us that concentration and visualizations will help us get to where we want to go- Bouvet Keep. We will undoubtedly encounter several symbols that Kyras, via his host, will use to guide us but to be wary of sigils marking House Teppes that signify evil sympathizers could be present.

We discuss plans; Kyras holds to the notion to travel to Miar Moshea post-haste, but is persuaded that while a good idea it very well could be our next destination after we deal with Count Kierkin and his asshole brother the inquisitor Zaid Aclair. (DM Bovet Keep post imminent)

After a time the dwarves lead us to the Elemental Font whereby Osera unseals the Ways calling upon pacts with elemental lords as Dramen watches enwrapped with curiosity. Once completed the ground trembles creating a stone staircase leading down beneath the Font. As we pierce the elemental veil reality is spun like a vortex as we enter the Ways.

We are awarded 2,000 xp and will begin next session traversing the ancient Ways. 

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