Thursday, April 14, 2016

04/13/16 Virtues Session 39: Pressing The iFlesh

Dramen- remembering his days in Waterdeep
Our session begins early for Dramen and Syrendross who enjoy early morning baths and amenities the Gallant offers. Later, the other heroes of virtue would wake to gifts of fruits and maps, and tailored finery and change for the gemstone deposit the day before. But before that, Dramen meets a woman named Theresa who becomes the liaison for the Eye and the young man from Waterdeep; Dramen establishes a rapport and secures a meeting for the Gallant Manager on the morrow.

The tailor was a gnome by the name of Fawell Detroit who, with enough time, promised to outfit each of us with two sets of royal-quality garments, with attention given to regional style, for each Evening Isles duchy at the cost of 100 gold or half retail price. The first set of finery is for our trip into Miar Moshea the second set of garments are for our visit to Lockshire.

Dolgrin inspires a design for us: A brown oak on a field of green; in the oak's foliage are two crossed martial weapons- a black dwarven waraxe and a silver elven curved blade; below and between the crossed weapons are two slim vertical devices: on the left stood a purple staff while on the right leaned a red wand.
The Refined Fawell Detroit

Around mid-morning a tobacconist came calling bearing a modest case of various tobacco strains and exotic pipes. Aside from making a sizeable purchase, Kyras uncovered a sinister plot possibly involving some of the local farmers. Tobacco John informed Kyras that about an hour outside of the Galliant was the Waverly farm. This farm's quality has suffered as of late and could use Kyras' expertise.

While Detroit crafted our outfits, Kyras bid Tobacco John to lead the party into low, thick grassy hills; past two farms to the Waverly fields and rows of blighted tobacco. Also upon arriving we learn of a strange attack the night before. A 'wolf' attacked in a closing spiral around the farm house before retracing its steps to where it started and disappeared. Kyras communes with nature to discover and eliminate a parasitic worm that was the cause of the minor blight, but no wolf within 10 miles. Also discovered were some low-water drought conditions as well as small amount of powerful unnatural creatures.

After sharing a memory with father Waverly and consulting a sleeping owl, we strongly suspect a summoner at work. A figure seen in the memory bore an orange tabbard while the 'wolf' was as large as a Clydesdale with a masked arcane symbol on hits breast; and it all points to the Harbringer farm (the closest to the road) and the acquisition of the Waverly farm.

Dramen teleports Rydin, Pa and Ma Waverly, Tobacco John, as well as the two children back to the road while Syrendross, Kyras and Dolgrin stays behind at the farm house with the servants to secure the farm for another possible attack later tonight.

Back at the Gallant, iMembers Rydin and Dramen speak with Theresa and the Manager about regional autumnal threats in the form of monstrous bats that feed on the livestock, the lack of water resources and the inconsistancy of weather patterns due to the movement of the Evening Isles, and finally an iBounty on a twenty foot crystal tower that appeared ten years ago. To date four people have met an unknown end trying to breach the tower.

Talk wanes to the who's who of farmers in the area: Davasher, the 'dark label' luxury tobacconist; Blue Sky, Harbringer, and Waverly who are stubborn in selling their lands. Seems the Waverly farm undercuts the local tobacco farmers- but its not a large feud due to the difference in clientele.

The manager returns with two scrolls of potential tasks for the Eye or Eye members. While observing protocols Dramen opened the first scroll: Four miles NE was the Mine House and Favray to repair damaged bracers of armor +3.

The second scroll: Within 50 miles, the job requires on-site translation of a crystal tome. No elven takers.

In all five individuals have seen these jobs: three in the form of sigil forms and the other two: Bathanon and Ornap Caroom who indicated 'not at this time'.

Meanwhile Kyras leads Dolgrin and Syrendross to the next closest farm: Blue Sky and a bald elf named Alex. We find Alex with some of his farm hands examining a dryish well which Kyras enriches with a create water spell and a water elemental. The bald elf has not heard of any wolf threat but indicates the Harbringer farmers as motivated land acquirers.


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