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The River (Lockshire), The Slice (Miar Moshea), The Road

The River (Lockshire & 1/2 Elves)
The River ran a little more than 500 miles, its newest portions connecting the port city of Urbport to Ferraq Tulle, before continuing on to the trade city of Bier De Weitz in Lockshire.  Three-Hundred and Fifty miles of The Road lay in the Elven Duchy, the final one-hundred and fifty miles in Lockshire.  The lands surrounding The River on the Lockshire side of the border have become a laborer’s paradise with skills in high demand and salaries even higher.   Many retiring adventurers have laid claim to lands near the road, building homes and operating business along the rich
The Slice (Miar Moshea)
thoroughfare.  Attacks and piracy are rare along The Road due to the cooperation exhibited by those that live along the route. Fierce merchant competitors will still defend their opponent’s deliveries from attacks and theft, the safety and success of the road being more valuable than any one shipment.  On the Lockshire side of The River several communities developed, with some businesses from those communities becoming so successful they were able to open up additional stores along the road.

Key Locations along The River
Caroom Unguents and Oils:  Always a small stone building, usually smelling of smoke and cedar, several of these alchemy shops operate along The River

Harbinger Industries: Own many acres of land and operate a number of businesses along The River, including Harbinger Dairy and Mill

The Gallant: An Elven ran luxury hotel some forty miles north of the Miar Moshea border, The Gallant’s luxurious offerings are famous among those adventurers that can afford the stay.   Among those in the know, The Gallant is also associated with the organization known as The Eye.

Temple of the Golden Light: Some fifty miles south of Bier De Weitz stands a golden domed temple that dominates the monasteries and libraries located upon the religious campus.  The Temple venerated  the St. Aurealux providing a religious education to some two hundred youths a year.

Cranky Jack’s: If you see a broke down wagon or building along The River its likely a Cranky Jack’s.  The merchants of Cranky Jack range from half-elves to Halflings, further north even half-Orcs.  Cranky Jack’s manipulate small trade along the River, acquiring for less what they can trade for more.  Cranky Jack’s often operate as middle men facilitating trade of magic or other black market items. Besides trade, every Cranky Jack merchant is also a skilled healer and The River is rife with tales of The Cranky Jack’s generosity to travelers in that regard.
Cranky Jack's

The Kingstone:  Location where King Triskellion first posted the laws of his royal kingdom, the basis of national law in The Evening Isles.

The Minehouse: There are several abandoned crystal mines along The River with each mine having a Minehouse.  These mines have proven to be quite dangerous, frequently being claimed by local powers, the abandoned mines have attracted a number of monstrous creatures.  Some locations are surrounded by dangerous terrain and suffer from sinkholes and escaping deep earth gases. 
The Minehouse

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