Thursday, April 7, 2016

04/06/16 Virtues Session 38: St. Calias Bay

Our casual session begins at the end of our forty-five days of downtime, during which many of us kept busy with various tasks suited to our needs. Dramen kept busy crafting magical the mythic rod of cancellation, a Blessed Book as well as improving Rydin's magical headband and Kyras' armor. Syrendross copied and made backups of spellbooks- including an apprentice book (each arcane spell-caster added 1 spell of first through fifth level to their spell book) while Dolgrin spent time with the church's dwarven fellowship. Kyras busied himself with familiarizing our group with Miar Moshea and the unique Crystal Hill. Our use of downtime and access to resources allowed us an extra fifteen days worth of 'crafting' time before it was time to leave Bouvet Keep.

Almost seven weeks after the execution of Fumi Laumstaucher the Heroes of Virtue used the mythic rod to close the Breach in the Ways before the bay was renamed St. Calias Bay; named after the late Duke of Bouvaldia.

When it was time to teleport to Crystal Hill the eight of us gathered with certified and sealed letters from Admiral Nelandrach Olithir and credentials identifying us as ambassadors of Bouvaldia. We also carry with us a separate Royal Registry for added security and identification. Our goal is to travel to the statue of one of the creators of the ways that looks over the royal graveyard near Ferraq Tulle.

Magical travel into the Miar Moshea proved a challenge for the avatar of the Traveler. We experience a sensation of movement and therefore time in what should have been an instantaneous effect. When we arrive we are close to the luminescent Crystal Hill roughly twelve hours later.

Emerging from the crystalline hill, walking through the geometric structure, were three tall elves- two men and a single female: Barafel, Lidal and the woman, Paria (who didn't palaver long and showed surprise when it was revealed we teleported here). Syrendross began to feel sick and condition that may get worse the longer the drow tarrys in the elven duchy. Syrendross and Rydin handled introductions and our claims as royal ambassadors and representatives of virtue.

After hearing of our goal of Ferraq Tulle and our magical traveling prowess, Barafel suggests teleporting into Lockshire and backtracking forty miles to Ferraq Tulle. When asked for more information it became apparent that a token exchange of friendship was customary in these situations. This prompted Kotri to offer magical leather armor +1 and writing aids to the elven trio who appeared to live in the Crystal Hill. Syrendross began to think there was more to these three elves than first assumed.

We were invited to a small meal during which Dramen shares a memory of the Water Wall to Barafel and Lidal who were thoroughly impressed with the memory and the magic. Paria offers details for Dramen to take us to Kingstone along the elven road in Lockshire as well as the use of a blink dog- who are friends of the elves.

A short time later we appear in Kingstone, a location made noteworthy for being the first post for ancient Triskellion laws. Today the stone road is well maintained and surrounded by developed civilized land- a stark contrast to the blasted landscape and wilds of Bouvaldia. Settled merchants and scattered small communities can be seen along the 'elf road'. Dramen inquires about an Inn and is directed to The Gallant.

At the Gallant we progressed up through the layers of services the Gallant had to offer from stable services, seamstresses, steamhouse, guide and message services. There is a two night minimum with spectacular spacious single and double rooms only at 20 g each. Rydin paid for 5 rooms with a 100 gp gem.

We begin next session the next morning after a luxurious night of rest.

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