Monday, April 11, 2016

Z’hind-del Syrendross: Fifth Entry, Day One Hundred Twenty Four

My conflict in this quest, as I open my spellbook, was always- how do I best serve the dragon virtues and still honor my arcanist drow patron?

Faced again with prejudices that cause me to consider and reconsider abandoning my race by permanently changing the pigmentation of my skin. It is more than a disguise and I feel the weight of Shar's eyes upon me even now as I look down on the spellforms that would surely make my visit in Miar Moshea easier, mayhap even escape the Mythal-like sickening effect I felt when entering duchy itself. But I'll never know because I have discovered truth will best serve the virtues. Openly traveling as a drow never stopped Shar nor will not halt me in my quest.

I suspect the elves we met at the Crystal Hill will prove to be individuals of note. They were kind, observed elven customs, knew transportation magics, and seem to reside in a hill of crystal that was our destination point. It was a location that we could gather the most information about because it was significant. I did not deny my drow heritage then nor will I in the future (tears Color spell from spellbook) even if it means paying the ultimate price.

Post Script: Day 125- Efforts to tear sheets from the spell books made during our downtime in Bouvet Keep restored itself the next day. Noted (Mythic)


harrygoblin said...

Great character post James. Really well done, loved tearing out the spell. What more dramatic statement can a wizard make than the repudiation of knowledge?

James Caruso said...


Thank you! Appreciated.

Gordzilla said...

I avoided commenting on this until now but all the arcane casters will discover something from this action, something Mythic

James Caruso said...

PS added.