Thursday, January 21, 2016

01/20/16 Tragidore Session 10: Into Cormanthor

Wendel Raiserik
We begin this week’s session with the characters Zadrian, Wendel, Alan, Arne and Cadthronn huddled around the Wellspring monolith immediately after receiving the incarnates Tolger Mann, Milsa Meet, and Rhoma Vistani- an act that completed your first mythic trial. It was evening, cold and these individuals were naked so the group decided to make their way to the imprisoned alchemist’s townhome.

Once there they heroes are reunited with Anna Pimm, Bethany Solerer, and Gideon Raiserik as well as Verith Raiserik, Cleric of Savras and Titus Vistani, cleric of Torm who come with the letters from Carson and Celadae. It was Zadrian who suggested going after the children lost to the forest depths during their coming of age trial, a sentiment shared by Wendel and the rest.

Everyone rests completely over night. The next morning each of the returned souls are recounted their tale and slowly they begin to remember their last moments by different party members. Tolger seems to adopt Alan as his surrogate son; Milsa and Wendel make an awkward connection that could become romantic; and Zadrian reconnects with his mother who claims to have been in Mystra’s presence. Furthermore Rhoma claims to have returned to lead their family out of Tragidore; during this Zadiran receives a vision of an ancient-crafted magical gate.
Cadthronn Raiserik

After gathering extra warm clothes, food and supplies from the alchemist’s stores Wendel summons horses to transport them to Tragen’s Crypt where the Everflame is said to burn everlasting. After three hours of travel, getting the heroes approximately half way to Tragen’s Crypt Arne eventually spots the ancient lantern that was ceremoniously used to transport the Everflame each year.

Then the sounds of a galloping horse running from its tormentors heighten the tension as the heroes successfully captured what turned out to be Yontryl Amatar’s, the Knight of Myth Drannor’s elven horse as well as two cult of the dragon members one of which betrayed his cult brothers and act that enraged the other man.

Yontryl Amatar- Knight of Myth Drannor
After a short amount of time the heroes learn of a ruin not far from here that contains up to ten other cultists, Bishimzon as well as Yontryl as a prisoner. Wendel and Alan scout ahead and find two sentries and a stone staircase going into the lower levels of the tower that once stood here. Alan is able to slip into an irregular square room where several men have familiar crates of small masterwork blades, hideous grey leather, and bracers all laid out like an assembly line.

We begin next session immediately after killing the two sentries; everyone is atop the ruin’s foundation poised to surprise the rest of the evil cultists. 

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