Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Harpy Treasure (Aurora's Missing Custom)

Susurrant Sisters
(3) +1 Morning Star 2,308 gp
+2 Light steel shield 4,159 gp
Wand of Ghost Sound (10 charges) 75 gp
Manual of Monsters (Ettercap and Giant Spiders) 2,450 gp.

(Greater) Demolition Weapon Crystal 6,000 gp (Zadrian) 
(Lesser) Fiendslayer Weapon Crystal 3,000 gp (Arne)
(Lesser) Weapon Crystal of Arcane Steel 2,000 gp (Cadthronn)
(2) +2 Leather armor 4,160 gp (Zadrian/Cadthronn)
Aquamarine of Spell Extending 2,700 gp (Wendell)
Marble Sphere (Ioun Stone) 6,500 gp (Zadrian)
Wand of Communal Ant Haul (15 charges) 1,350 gp (Wendell)
(2) Amber Amulet of Vermin (Giant praying mantis) (Alan/Rocky)
Wand of Ray of Sickening (12 charges) 210 gp (Zadrian) 

3,250 gp 250 pp.

Tenloss Consortium: Five crates each marked with Aurora's mark; first crate, one-hundred fifty small master work blades.  The second crate contains over one hundred pounds of hideous gray hued leather. The third crate holds ten, twenty pound red-hued bars marked with the symbol of Waukeen. The fourth container holds twenty-five fragile assorted glass jars, like exotic potion vials and the last crate contains fifty masterwork bracers made from basilisk hide. 

Each Caliban has:
Hand Axe (6 gp), 2 Alchemist Fire (20 gp), Tanglefoot bag (50 gp), Coins totaling 5 gp.