Thursday, January 28, 2016

01/27/16 Tragodire Session 11: The Portal To Myth Drannor

Zadrian Vistani
Our session begins atop the remnants of Darnarest’s tower preparing to bring the fight to the cultists believed to be held up below. Right away there was a note of unease as information slowly made its way to the cultists that there was trouble at their door step in the form of five heroes from Tragidore.

The battle was taxing and deadly and when the last head rolled on the ancient lower level, a subbasement that also seemed to contain a magical gateway. Rescued from the escaped convict Bishimzon and the vile Handragath Zhion the Knight of Myth Drannor Yontryl Amatar told how she tracked the missing children from the trail of markings they left here and into the Cult of the Dragon’s hands. And in the process managed to get herself captured, abused by Zhion and lost the Key of Irithlium to the cultist Ryngoth, an unforgiving and forgetting cleric who is not above slavery.

Yontryl overheard brief conversations and believe The Endeavor involves using slaves in recovering talismans *magic keys to the more secured vaults and buildings in Myth Drannor from the crypts in the Polyandrium. This missing Tragidore wards are likely working a dig site while Ryngoth is believed to be at the Tower of Bones a small base of operations for the Endeavor.

The group decides to rest and recover as Yontryl informs the heroes of the need to know perils of Myth Drannor:

A magical ward called a Mythal covers the entire city, in fact the Myth* from the name Myth Drannor indicates its Mythal characteristic, a gift upon the city from the goddess of magic in ancient days. It prevents magical travel into and out of the city; protects individuals from falling from great heights and in some cases enables folk to levitate; the mythal grants low-light vision and enhances magic with the light descriptor. Furthermore creatures summoned against their will are always hostile to its summoner; astral projection is improved; and banishment and binding magics almost always succeed. There are wild and dead magic zones as well, but those are blessedly few and far between.

The heroes recovered the spoils from the cult- magic items, supplies, and equipment; returned Yontryl’s elven steed; and gave her the responsibility of taking the three captured cultists back to Tragidore. While there she hopes to check for messages from Delia Navamir and Themian Ailduin her fellow Knigthts.

Then the heroes turned their attention to the gate. Darnarest’s tower was built on the remains of an elven structure dating back to the Weeping Wars where a portal to Myth Drannor was crafted.
Zadrian, having previously seen this magical gateway in a vision, was able to open and travel through the portal followed promptly by his companions.

The travel was swift and unlike anything the heroes had ever experienced in their previous adventures; a strong vital pathway of magic and part of the ancient Elven Ways. The heroes arrive in a large cavern and shrine to Mystra worked into broad acoustical designs that cause the chamber to ‘sing’ with each subtle noise or lap of water from the large pool of water that takes up one-third of the shrine. The sword Clarity immediately has a positive reaction to the waters here indicating its kin-ship to both Mystra and these waters. Luminescent naturally forming crystals, along with a continual flame torch provide the only light.

As more light was produced, Wendel discovers Atta-kann, House Raiserik’s mischievous pseudo-dragon.

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