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03/18/15 Tragidore: Session 4 The Townhouse, The Families, and a Job Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

JuJu Zombie
Changing our minds we decide to check Taergan Flinn's Townhouse before checking in with our families.  The Townhouse was easy to find, its grounds unkempt, a former manor fallen into disrepair. We scouted the area around Taergan’s home, finding two outhouses and a servants home on the back of the lot.  Wendell Rasierik’s priestly powers quickly identified that two simple undead occupied the servants quarters and another was active inside the townhome.  We entered the servants quarter, Zadrian’s familiar Rocky warning the wizard that the smell of death was on these grounds, Rocky took to the trees to warn us of anyone or anything that should come in behind us.
We discover two zombies on the first floor, the Magus Cadthronn Rasierik and Arne Kordova quickly dispatch them, identifying them as JuJuZombies.  

While the rest of the servant’s home was searched, Alan Kordova noticed the exceptional condition of the undead corpses commenting that they had been alchemically treated.  Finding nothing more of interest in the servant’s home, we made our way across the overgrown yard and into the main home through the sun room.  Passing through a curtain we find a room with a painting of Zadrian’s mother and adventuring companions, including Taergan.  Wendell’s magic tells us the undead in this house is somewhere upstairs.  We find the staircase behind another curtained alcove and discover another well preserved juju zombie.  Cadthronn dispatched the zombie in a maids outfit we are saddened to discover wearing the name tag of Milsa Meet.  

Wendell assures us that there are no more undead on these grounds but we all hear a steady thumping and scratching.  Searching the second floor we discover a room with a tipped over cabinet, the thumping and scratching clearly coming from within.  Arne opened the cabinet door releasing two strange and tiny flying creatures, their round mouths ringed with spiraling fangs.  After a short battle the creatures are defeated and identified as Cacodaemons
The party spreads out and searches the house, finding Taergan’s magical alchemy lab, a trophy chest, and magical chalice.  After searching the alchemist lab the substance that had been applied to the juju zombies is found, an unguent of timelessness, leaving the Tragidore Five with a feeling of discomfort regarding Taergan Flinn.

Zadrian begins searching the notes and ingredients in the laboratory and theorizes that Taergan may not be missing after all, he and his two apprentices have probably gone to acquire Tumeric Root, a substance we were recently taught about by Brother Zaganos. After some discussion it is agreed that all items of value would be recovered from the townhouse and presented to Zadrian’s mother’s friends. If they objected to the items being taken they could hold onto them until Taergan requested their return.
Xevius Vistani

Leaving the strange townhome, the Tragidore Five split up to visit each of their respective families.  During the family visits several bits of news were discovered.

Wisebrand Kordova has taken over as captain of the mayoral guard, the guard itself newly repurposed.  Vacek Kordova informs that another murder has occurred and advises Alan Kordova to check in with Wisebrand.  When Alan does so he discovers that Lucine Bauman of The Curious and the Cowled hasbeen slain, clearly by the escaped Zhent.  Slightly more problematic is the message scrawled in her blood on the wall which warns that Alan Kordova is next. Lucien had just been seen at the Quest of the Everflame. While Alan was learning of murder Arne had discussions with Xemne Pardette, sharing a lack of family.

Zadrian checked in with his family where his Aunt Hegelina expressed her concerns regarding the Van Richtens and also informed him of a problem in family leadership.  She seemed especially anxious to get Zadrian’s support for a change in leadership from Marta Vistani.  Zadrian advised that they should support their leader and look into whether or not Marta was suffering from haunts as so many others were.  There were smiles at this response but clearly it wasn’t the response those in attendance had hoped for.  While there Xevius Vistani checked in to remind Zadrian of the black sheep nature of Zadrian’s side of the family and to remind him that he could request Xevius’ help.  Despite Xevius’ lack of social grace he was a brilliant inventor.

Adolmus Gladstone 
In Rasierik tower the two brothercousins find Handragath talking to the family patriarch in the library.  Carson warns them not to mention Gideon to Holgast, explaining that he discovered that Holgast conducts hideous experiments upon the Incarnate.  Carson described a painting in the study that hides a stairway to Holgast’s library.  Carson could not tell if the unfortunate incarnate in the lab were alive or dead before fleeing for fear of being discovered.

Soon after the Tragidore Five reconvene at the grand opening of Aurora’s Consortium.  Many people are there but the Iounmancer Adolmus Gladstone stands out for the many ioun stones that rotated about his head, his magic concealing the exact number.  It was still easily the most anyone in Tragidore had seen one person have.  Some sand is noticed near Adolmus that is similar to that found in the cell of Dulvan Kinroth after the Zhents escape. Soon the auction and sales begin, a particular set of items, Elven Chain, a cloak, and longsword were thought to have come from Myth Drannor.  Adolmus commented that a pair of gnomes came in with this deal. After some shopping Aurora signaled Zadrian that she had some further business to discuss and Zadrian was anxious to have that discussion if for no other reason than to bask in the noblewoman’s beauty again.  She explains that her shipments have been delayed….

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