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01/06/15 Virtues Session 34: And the Horse She Rode in On

The Admiral
Admiral Nelandrach Olithir was beyond relieved when Dolgrin and his compatriots arrived to Hollow Mount. The previous day was a wash of blood and death with the taking of the alu demon, also known as Fumi Laumstaucher. Several of his men had fallen but no where near the bodycount that would have been without the treasure Dolgrin and his friends gave in support, spoils from the Barge of War.

Around the heroes, men and militia under the Admiral toiled at securing prisoners captured this day and the last.

“Dolgrin! You have returned! I am grateful for your return. I have need of few trusted ambassadors.” Nelandrach said in tones of grave seriousness and stifled relief.

We begin the session in the midst of an upset and agitated caravan after defeating the attackers whereby we took two prisoners. We discover that the female sinister guard rider had disappeared. Dramen detects a scrying sensor seemingly focused on the caravan; possibly through the evil-aligned teamster.

We bread into separate watches, but that did not seem to stop someone from killing Jhonsun and absconding with an unknown amount of goods and or magic. A storm had hit, and when the dust settled we discover that not only had ‘sinister female’, known later as Ghabbi, had turned up missing; so had two other teamsters as well as ‘the seamstress’ of the caravan.
Magical lights were created for Griphen so he may press the caravan farther and arrive at Reiv Stone by daybreak. In the meantime Dramen investigates the Count’s personals and items collected along the way. Dramen conspires with Griphen for a personal item from the seamstress to eventually scry on her riding hard to Reiv Stone with Ghabbi atop her horse.

Meanwhile Kotri is trying her hand at the magically locked, then triple trapped and locked chest; and a masterwork strongbox. After a time, including Dramen casting x-ray vision, the chest was opened revealing treasure; many of which were distributed and the rest inventoried. Among these were two *ancient spellbooks from before the dragon age and before the Sundering.

Without further delay we teleport to Reiv Stone, appearing near the afore seen horse- now exhausted- with Ghabbi searching the perimeter of Reiv Stone and the Seamstress keeping watch. And after a few tense moments we capture the women and retreat into the confines of Reiv Stone and the company of Ghair, a bard who recants our tale against the Inquisitor- with style.

Questioning the women we find out they are sisters who, while not under the direct influence of Zaid Aclair the Inquisitor, see that following Zaid’s orders are unquestioned and that they did not see an alternative.

We rest. The next morning the caravan arrives at Reiv Stone where they intend to stay a full day before continuing to Bouvet Keep and delivery to Fumi Laumstaucher. However that plan is scrapped as the idea was poised to pay the caravan and have the Count’ personals remain in Reiv Stone.

That morning Syrendross attempts to scry on Shar’s abyssal son, only to realize several things about his host persona. On Earth the Monitor is an ancient demigod and as such the son of a demigod would inherently defeat scrying attempts. Alternately Kyras being from Earth, the Macaugh is the Green Man on this, his home plane.

After this Dramen along with Syrendross teleports everyone including Darina, two caravan attacker prisoners, Corker, and an individual bearing a Bouvet Keep crest of importance. We appear at Hollow Mount to present ourselves to Admiral Nelandrach Olithir to find the Mountain excited in the aftermath of taking Fumi Laumstaucher and many cult followers captive.

The two prisoners join the throng of prisoners captured in the fight and Corker (given a +1 cloak and +1 long spear) is taken into endenturement under the Admiral to ten years as we are debriefed on what has occurred during our Reiv Stone antics.
Alu Demon

There is no justice short of death for Fumi (alu Demon) and the cult followers and therefore will stand for execution tomorrow in the harbor- us being the executioners and for the Keep to stand witnes.

What followed next was a plea from the Admiral to us to serve as ambassadors carrying a document of royal recognition to each of the ten duchies and finally to the King in Lockshire to properly elevate the Admiral to Duke of Bouvalida.

We pick up next week with the execution of Fumi and her followers to the ways, the closing of the ways, and our departure on our quest to the other duchies. 

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