Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Darnarest’s Tower

Cormanthor, the Elven Forest and the seat of the ancient Elven Court hides many secrets under its great green canopy that was said to have once covered the entirety of the Elven Realm. Lost communities with no ties to the current world; ruined cities that are far from abandoned; as well as personal holdings- crumbling keeps and towers belonging to long dead nobles, successful heroes, or notorious villains.

This ruin was once the tower of Darnarest the Bladesmith, a wizard of moderate renown who specialized in creating magical blades, most notably the scimitar Clarity. His tower was attacked by an adult red dragon in the Year of the Evening Sun (1303 DR) fifty-five years ago. The prevailing theory was as the result of mercenaries who attacked (and were slain by) the dragon boasted that Darnarest's blades would bring about the dragon's downfall. This lead the dragon to investigate the name Darnarest and a confrontation between wizard and the dragon, they had a short aerial battle that resulted in Darnarest’s grim demise. There after the dragon is said to have half-melted the tower and tore apart the remains in search of magical blades that could be used against the dragon.

Today the tower is nothing more than a few short walls, piles of stones, and rocks scattered over a 100-foot-square area. Most of the useful rocks were carted away by other builders years ago, leaving only the split or partially melted smaller stones strewn over the small clearing. Much of the rubble collapsed and filled in the staircase leading to the subterranean levels, preventing those areas from being despoiled until recently…

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