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12/30/15 Virtues Session 33: Count’s Caravan

My name is Darinia Ononia.” The beautiful half elf maid said in a bewildered voice. She was quickly regaining her wits, even from under the influence of Zaid Aclair, her resolve was strong which was likely why the inquisitor had to make yearly pilgrimages to Reiv Stone.

We are agents of virtue,” Syrendross said. “No more harm will come to you by that man.” The drow motioned to the covered form of the vile inquisitor. “I know this may not be much comfort to you, but we stake no claim on his bodily affects. What he has on him is yours to help build your life or to return to it.”

With these words the drow surrendered a silver masterwork dagger, the one given to him by Noel. Denosia’s mother and where Syrendross and his friends first heard of the Order of the Lynx.

After gathering our wits after defeating the Inquisitor we introduce ourselves to Ghair and the missing Darinia Ononia. We learn a little about Ghair and his specialties as a shadow dancer, a temptation Rydin could not resist in comparing dance styles. It was revealed that Ghair had trained apprentices, five for each duchy, for the Inquisitor. There are ten duchies. While the details were confused for him, it portended ill for us in the future. We learn that Riev Stone, well the caverns below, were/are a save house for drow elves cut off from the underdark by the Sundering.

This gets the attention of Syrendross who remembered the drow byway glyphs in Bouvet Keep and where that led. He asked Ghair if there was any place the Inquisitor went exclusively, hoping for a shrine to orcus. Ghair remarked the drow caverns.

This led to talk about dragons and a quick visit to the real ‘stage’ (not the replica in Northern Lights) and a painting of a black and bronze dragon in an embrace of some kind. The overall design had a heart-shaped overlay that was present in Reiv Stone heraldry. The painting was set over the heart of Reiv Stone before the Sundering.

Ghair’s family, before the Sundering, were primarily known for their exquisite bardic performances and divination magic. Reiv have estates in Mogerin, Lockshire and a school in Emmerdin Pac Napiay.
We decide to focus our attention to the prisoner wagons; filled with various political prisoners, landholders, and characters such as Corker; to find that were being attacked by many summoned dire wolves.

Once driving the dire wolves away we discover that any chance of tracking our primary foes from Castle Keirken, chief among them Abriana Arcool. Kyras finds the papers on the prisoners as we deliver the freed individuals to Reiv Stone and shift our focus on the six more wagons that are further down the path.

Dramen Teleports us just behind the heavily laden caravan noting drivers and riders, two (one each) proved to be evil with Count Keirken coats of arms.  We find they are transporting Count Keirken’s personal possessions.

As some of us speak with one of the riders, Griphen acquiesces to take an early respite fearing diabolists lie ahead.

Soon the caravan was set upon by what turned out to be highwaymen save for one Halfling by the name of Palicia. She told us her connection was with Sammik in the group and warned us of the evil Yolanth before Palicia stated her intentions to return to Emmerdin.

We picked up some treasure along the way and was awarded 2,500 xp. We begin with the caravan of Count Keirken’s personal possessions or at the DMs pleasure.

(3) Masterwork longswords
Cold iron longsword +2
Belt of cure potions (3 CLW, 2 CMW, 1 CSW)
Masterwork Platemail
Amulet of Natural armor +3
Masterwork Ring (10,000 gp)
Cloak of resistance +1
Disruptive metamagic rod (Lesser) -Zaid
Amulet of the Abyss –Carvanatos
Belt of physical might (+2 DexCon) –Carvanatos
Wand of Lightning bolt CL8 (36 ch.) –Carvanatos
Headband of Inspired Widsom +2

7,000 gp

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