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Tragidore Review 02/25/15 Session 1

Drifting as if in a dream our party follows the Oracle Verith Raiserik into the Trinity Church whereupon entry the five of us are jolted back to a reality we are all unfamiliar with.  A dozen to fifteen worshipers filled the pews while Verith herself was inexplicably across the church in deep conversation with an obviously wounded young girl. The Priest of Azuth, Rantal Gundwynd approached us from Azuth altar, appearing quite surprised to see us.  In fact the entire congregation had stopped their prayers to stare at us, causing us to feel woefully under dressed.  For the first time we began to notice our surroundings surprised to discover that everyone was clothed for winter while we still wore our mid-summer clothes.  The midnight sky hid the season from our view through the church windows but clearly we had been gone far longer than our memories allowed.  Zadrian Vistani asked Rantal directly for the date and was shocked to discover that it was The Feast of the Moon.  Stunned by our year long loss of time our party took a moment to gather themselves.  Many of those in attendance were bemoaning their fates since the apocalyptic events during the Time of Troubles. Taking in the church the party was surprised to see a book, The Book of Thorns (Book 7, 101 Spells books of knowledge & Grimoires), hanging from chains above the third altar of the Velsharoon faith. At this point Rantal stepped forward to grasp The Nether Scrolls that were inexplicably in Wendell Rasierik’s hands.   Rantal moved to the Azuth Altar and after placing the scrolls upon it, announced the Altar was now complete.  Zadrian’s attention is drawn to a memorial to his mother, one of many victims to fall to the poisons of Talona that were released during the godswar when Eldath was killed by the dark goddess.  Apparently several magic dead areas  exist above the bridges where the gods fought. While Rantal Gundwynd discussed the unknown fates of the rest of the Vistani family and consoled Zadrian, Alan Kordova inquired about the missing Velsharoon priest Nhar-del.  According to the other priests, Nhar-del was spending his time in Swift Prison after utilizing his necromantic magic to raise dead warriors to fight against the Tragidore's enemies.  The mayor did not stand behind Nhar-del when it was learned that he violated the local graveyard with his vile magicks. Alan Kordova wasn't pleased with the politics of that situation, as it seemed to him that the foreign mercenaries were supported more than a local priest. 

(Re) Incarnates

Two others were present at the Trinity Church, their race unknown until it was explained that they are the reincarnated faithful of Mystra who were restored when a seventh discipline of magic was recovered.  This magic referred to as Incarnum, allowed those souls thought lost to return as a new race. A blue quilled woman named Anna Pimm who wore a green flame tabard and a slightly blue tinted, white scaled man identified as Gideon Risarek were present, their only interactions being either with the Oracle or the Kordova siblings who Anna Pimm seemed to be assisting. Rantall explained that this newly returned magic is what allowed the Trinty priests to place Wild Talents on us, allowing us to survive and succeed even if we had lost time.

Cadthronn Rasierik also had a message in his possession that was gathered by the Oracle and cleric of Azuth. It was a message from Sabine Lafleur warning of a group called the Strangers and The Iron Clergy active in the region.  Citizens and visitors who had come to Trinity Church to bring attention to their plights erupted from the pews fearing that our attention would be drawn away from their problems  and demanded to be heard.  The first to speak up was Peitra Damaken, a Waterhavian, she was attacked by an outsider with tentacles that had "quite a horde" and had added Peitra’s cloak to its collection. Yontryl Amatar, a tattooed elvan woman, obviously unimpressed with the loss of a
Yontryl Amatar
magical cloak interrupted to tell us she had lost contact with two Knights of Myth Drannor that had been missing for two weeks somewhere between here and Myth Drannor.  Zadrian pointed out to the two women that their own unique problems might be connected while assuring them that this group that had recovered the Nether Scrolls would be seeking justice for the wrongs at play in their homeland, working to return both the knights and cloak to their proper place. Others then began to bring up some of the problems that plague the region since Nhar-del’s necromancies were utilized indicating that many undead thought to have lived during the time of the Weeping War roamed Gallows Grove.  Arne and Alan Kordova grew tired of useless words and went outside to speak with their siblings where they learned that the Kordova’s along with Carson Resarik would be undertaking a Quest of the Everflame.  The brothers took pride in their younger sibling’s bravery. 

As the problems of Tragidore piled up the newly returned party grew anxious to take action, departing Trinity Church and stepping into the night to begin their journey to Gallows Grove.  Along the way, a mile or so southwest of the grove, a campsite was found and after it was determined not to be a trap (could it be the cheese and we the mice?) the campsite and abandoned village was thoroughly searched.  A Masterwork Short bow, a quiver with 7 Masterwork Arrows and 4 Magical Arrows identified as  +1 Magical Beast Bane Arrows were recovered.  As this was accomplished The Tragidore Five were hailed by a Centaur wearing a kilt who identified himself as Brother Zaganos.  The four legged brother was searching for his Druid, The Lady Lorraine Treesong.  She was described as were wood druid and had disappeared right around the time the gold-elves left this village, which was also connected to the battle of Talona and Eldath.  Assuring the centaur that we would keep our eyes open we informed him of our intent to cleanse Gallows Grove of the undead that wandered there.  

After leaving the centaur the Tragidore Five approached the grove, preparing potions and spells only to be surprised by a leaning deadfall dweller that spit acid at Cadthronn Rasierik.  The acid that spit from the camouflaged walking log solidified like amber.  After defeating the strange creature a brain, heart, and stomach were recovered, the magical beasts organs supplying valuable meta-magic components.  Soon after that battle the party came across a tree with a corpse hanging from its branches.  It was at this location that several undead abandoned ones struck.  After a very difficult battle which included an incorporeal creature we later learned was connected to the hanging corpse and a hostile tree the Tragidore Five were victorious!


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