Monday, January 18, 2016

Message to the Family

Similar messages were left with the Vistani home and Raiserik tower two weeks ago…


Carson and I have decided to try to find our friends before the winter snows hide the clues to their fate. We intend to follow the ancient path to Tragen’s Crypt and try to track them. We simply cannot wait another day not knowing what happened to them and feel they, Mura and Helmo included, would come looking for us as the lots were originally cast for the Quest for the Everflame.

All my love,

Celadae Vistani


I grow weary of city affairs when everyone I love is lost to the unknown. I care not about house rivalries father; these are friends I grew up with, not pawns in a game of castles. And I am not alone, Celadae feels the same. Together we are taking Atta-kann into the forest east to follow the old trail to the Founder’s crypt to find our friends and to complete the quest by returning the Everflame.

Your son,

Carson Raiserik 

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