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Tragidore Review 03/11/15 Session 3: A Swift Ending for the Gentleman's Haunt

Lawson Harting
Riger Mann
Our party travels to Swift Prison where we are greeted by the deputy warden and resident crypt keeper Lawson Harting.  His appearance was unkempt and dirty, with jaundiced eyes and skin, overworked and stressed he was more than a little upset at our unannounced arrival and assumed we had come to see the captured Zhentarim prisoner.  Surprised to learn that we were unaware of the evil little Zhent and after tipping him a gold for his time we were allowed access to a wing of prisoners that started with Riger Mann and ended with my uncle, Nhar-Del Vistani.

When we stopped at the iron door in front of Riger Mann’s cell we immediately recognized the ravings of yet another lover fallen under the spell of woman whose name we finally learn much to our chagrin, Annabeth.  At the mere mention of her name magical energies erupt, the effect unknown but the unspoken fear is to fall under dear Annabeth's Love charm.  Riger in his madness tells us of his insatiable need to acquire his inheritance so that he would have a proper dowry to give her.  Peering through the cell door it is clear to all of us that Riger is malnourished and sickly his madness the only energy keeping him standing.  We pass through food and drink which he hungrily consumes, during this process Zadrian slips Riger a potion of Protection from Evil which frees him temporarily from the charm he is under and allows us a minute to question him.  The woman Annabeth would come to him, arriving magically from the sounds of it. Even free of madness Riger had trouble remembering specifics.  In desperation for hope and ideas on how to track this threat Zadrian finds out the name of Riger’s ex-lover Milsa Meet in hopes that she might have jealously discovered something about Riger’s new girlfriend.
Dulvan Kinroth

After our minute of questions the madness returns and we leave the tragic Riger to pass by the next two cells, each holding a drow elf, one male one female, hidden in the dark recess of the cell only their hair revealing their presence.  Clearly they were communicating with each other. At this point, Arne and Alan Kordova along with Zadrian continued onto the the next cell while Wendell and Cadthronn Rasierik went to find the warden of Swift Prison, the dwarf Warak Freestone.

The Kordova brothers and Zadrian saw that the cell with the largest number of visitors held the Zhent Dulvan Kinroth, a small vermin looking man with a hawkish nose, jutting teeth, and jittery countenance.  Peitra Damaken is just finishing speaking with the Zhent through the prison door when we approach.  Alan Kordova engages Dulvan, drawing his ire and threats.  The vicious little Zhent predicts his escape and Alan’s eventual destruction before letting us know that Peitra was investigating the Mayor. 

Leaving the little creep the three traveled to the end of the wing where a very large metal door impressively sat, clearly indicating a prisoner of importance, Zadrian’s Uncle, Nhar-Del Vistani. Peitra too had been to visit the white necromancer and had been interested in the contract that Nhar-Del had with the mayor/city. My uncle recounts his efforts on behalf of Tragidore along with the attack and eventual defeat delivered to him by the Blackrock company.  Clearly he was holding some information back but the situation was a strange one. Nhar-Del was very calm and forthcoming but his entire demeanor changed when he found out who his replacement was at Trinity Church, Anna Braxton.  He grew very angry and warned us that she was a dangerous evil woman.  Utilizing the message spell, Zadrian learned that for his uncle to engineer his own escape he would require the stomach of a magical beast of at least 7HD, a frost flower and Silvertree Bark. 

Warak Freestone
Upon first introduction to the Rasierik brothercousins, the dwarf came off as a strictly political animal.  Ignoring first impressions Cadthronn inquires upon a jeweled dagger that was used in Tolger Mann’s murder explaining the issue with the haunt in front of the Gentleman’s Mage.  The Warden confirms that the item is in the safe where all criminal contraband and evidence apparently is kept. The dwarf is quite certain in the safe’s security, showing the two Rasieriks the multi locked, magical door of the safe while also confirming that the body of Tolger Mann was in the crypts below. The Warden is quite impressed with the brothercousins  and comments on their rare expertise in the supernatural.  The two brothercousins impress upon the Warden the extreme need to confirm the possession of the dagger in the safe which he does.  Even the warden is impressed with the highly valuable murder weapon, which allows Cadthronn to suggest that if they were to return the valuable dagger to rest in the crypt in Tolger’s eternal possession might end the Gentleman’s Mage Haunt.  The Warden was quick to recognize these obvious experts advice and lead them into the crypt where they placed the dagger in Tolger’s cold dead hands.  Immediately the brothercousins knew the haunt was ended. 

Town Map
The Tragidore Five left Swift prison to find most of the city gathered in the large courtyard of the Sword Point Inn.  A Stage was being assembled in one corner of the Courtyard from which the Everflame Quest would begin while in the opposite corner lay a slab model of the entire city, expertly mapped out.  This model also served as a message board where a couple jobs had been posted by the Blackrock Company.  The Five spread out in the Courtyard trying to take in the entire festive atmosphere. 

Flag bearers begin to gather near the stage revealing political maneuvering among the nobles of Tragidore.  Celadae Vistani had been replaced in the Quest for the Everflame by Mura Gundwynd.  Carson Rasierik also had been replaced by Helmo Gundwynd.  While Zadrian discussed the issue with Celadae she informs him that she has a secret for him the next time they are alone.  While the two dejected teens explained the politics of the situation to Zadrian the rest of The T’Five began people watching in earnest noticing a traveler, Madame Xemne Pardette, Peitra Damican, and the Three Knights of Myth Drannor. Also in attendance is Holgast Rasierik standing next to Aurora Tenloss and someone else none of us recognize. Davina Silvers interrupts Zadrian’s conversation, collecting Celadae and wandering off in the crowd together.  Zadrian then sees two members of Mom's old adventuring group, the Golden Watch, Branda Tulles who was essentially Zadrian’s second mother and her husband Igneous Tulles. As Zadrians questioned his mother’s friends about the city and current goings on several groups take the stage. 

On stage are the clerics of the Gauntleted Fist, opposite these priests are the three clerics from Trinity Church; Center stage is the Mayor, Carin Taber, a couple executive officers Bozbeyli Meet, the Governor of the Guard; and Gilda Marsh, cleric of Torm as well as Minister of Justice, along with the Captain of the Rider of Mistledale, Vacek Kordova.  The Mayor begins a speech introducing the honored teen nobles chosen for the Quest,
Carson Rasierik

Garret Kordova
Gracia Kordova
Helmo Gundwynd
Jinter Elmaran
Kaarle Van Richten
Mura Gundwynd
Rainey Solerer

The speech is ill received by those in the courtyard with Arne Kordova beginning catcalls that eventually culminated in a shoe being thrown at the mayor before the crowd began to rush the stage. The Everflame Quest almost began with a rebellious attack against the mayor who was quickly pulled away to safety while the teenagers began their quest by fleeing the courtyard. Calm was almost restored when Cris Rolst is spotted in the crowd clearly planning to attack his sister.  Zadrian moved to Regine to warn her cover her from the immediate attack. The siblings were quickly knocked unconscious and given over to guard who drag them to the drunk tank of Swift Prison.

A little girl’s scream echoed from Trinity Church down the street which was immediately followed by a bolt of lightning that erupted from the church doors out into the street.  Racing to the church we find Arial standing over the body of Anna Braxton who looks like she was fried to a crisp.  Zadrian’s detect magic spell revealing beams of magic exuding from Arial’s every pore.  The young girl would only say that Anna Braxton had attempted to subdue her inciting one of Ariel's panic attacks.  A somber discussion is held as we begin to understand that Arial carries Spellfire and learn that the Bloodrenched Knight that had tortured her calling her Midnight.  The purpose of her torture was to generate the blasts of spellfire energy for his own evil uses. 

The alarms of Swift Prison had begun as we raced to the church, the Zhent's prediction of escape had come true.  Word was the only thing the guards found when they opened Dulvan's cell was a swarm of rats.

Later, Igneous and Branda, two OLD out-of-towners and Zadrian’s mother’s old adventuring group came to pay respects to her memorial at church. In the meantime Igneous explained to Zadrian why he and Jonark Uptal are not fans of each other and admitted to be rival adventurers in times past. 

After the offerings of prayers to the deceased, Igneous and Branda asked for help form the Tragidore group. Dern Fosimuth and Taergan Flinn have failed to show up for their group’s annual Moonfeast reunion, they ask for you to check on both of them. Taergan, a half-elf, is local and has a townhome in Tragidore while Dern, a human and the oldest of them all, is not healthy and is believed to be at Mother’s Care Home for the Invalids and the Insane.

You begin next session still in the company of Igneous and Branda in Trinity Church. Before checking in on Taergan and eventually to Dern you each decide to drop in on your respective families. 


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