Monday, June 30, 2014

Maritime Treasures

All four brothers watched as Diem flew away towards the continent, some happily pirated treasure in a satchel at his hip, and the head he needed to collect his bounty clutched by the hair in his fist. Sarosh, of course, knew the next order of business and had already started examining the corpses of the dwarves. They had already lost their souls to Tiamat, harvested by Votis and Peroptato, very unique devils pacted with Diem in some way, and Sarosh wryly noted to himself that they would hardly be missing their trinkets and mortal treasures. The brothers, perhaps the most professional looters anywhere on the world, took only minutes to begin collecting items of magic and interest and gathering them on a large table, built to accommodate expansive nautical maps and charts. As the brothers and Sarosh went about their work, the air was heavy and thick. With only the winds and the lap of waves against the hull of the slowly sinking ship to be heard, The scene began to take on a surreal   feeling of ruin and isolation to Sarosh. He stopped and observed the dragons he served. Their zeal was nearly maniacal. All their eyes gleamed as they casually tossed soul-stripped corpses to the side after prying anything of value from their pockets and bags. Speaking of eyes, they all often would glance furtively at one another in their searching, as if to see what the others were finding, or to see if the others were looking at what they had found. Suddenly he realized he was watching physical manifestations of their Greed. It was grotesque to watch these agents of sin devalue the worth of these peoples to their net worth in valuables, and yet there was also purity in it. They made no apologies or justifications for their actions. No moral platforms or convoluted devices to excuse their love of acquiring material wealth and elevating their power and influence. Where others would claim to have noble reasons to bring woe to others, these dragon men were pretty clear with their intentions.  They sought to profit, to build, and to acquire, and prepared to do so by any means necessary.

Auge was the first to speak. "We'll get to the dwarf later, but I found this ring on a dwarf by the engines". It was a simple ring made of electrum, which made it feel very airy and light. {ring of evasion}
Durg tossed a cloak onto the table with a snort. " I recognized this immediately. It like the cloak I have that lets me swim in the ocean as a sea beast. It also seems to have some protections against heat. {cloak of the manta ray with resist energy fire 20}
Versel was clearly perturbed and disappointed with the haul. He threw a couple of wands onto the pile and said nothing. {both wands were deep magic spells to be chosen by the owner}
Jeren smiled crookedly " Jackpot! a handful of scrolls, a few of spells i have never even heard described before! Also this case of tanglebolts." {some standard spells, some deep magic spells}
Auge quickly and smugly tossed the other item he had found, plus some stuff he had gotten of the drowned dwarf. Magic platemail and buckler complemented magic  shortbow and earthbreaker hammer, and he also had magic boots, a ring and cloak, and a handful of potions. The last item he claimed to have found on the ship was a magic staff. {staff of minor arcana, cloak of resistance +1, boots of striding and springing, ring of protection +1, +2 comp shortbow(+4 str), +2 earthbreaker,+2 plate mail, and +2 buckler}
Durg gently places a delicate seeming ring tat seems to be a coil of living mistletoe. the leaves move and twitch and the ring seems to grow tiny,tiny mistltoe berries that sprout, ripen, and shrivel dry right before your eye, like rapidly progresssing life cycles. Others tossed some wands and scrolls with the others that had already been presented. Finally sarosh placed a masterwork chest made of darkwood with a superior inset lock. "Alas," he said sheepishly " it was empty when I found it"
"I've got just the thing." Auge interjected. " Evidently this stupid dwarf carried all his coin with him. " He placed 219 dwarven gold pieces into the box. The three wands from the constructs were all there, each of them able to be used as common metamagic feat components.

All their beady reptilian eyes turned to Durg, each brother firmly aware of the pecking order of plunder that was about to ensue. But his eye was only on the electrum ring. Masterly crafted it seemed to magically enhance his litheness and battle reflexes...

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