Friday, November 8, 2013


"Thank you master." The trim and cut Pilini said taking the LC officer badge and pinning it under his vest; the gnome surged with self satisfaction and pride. He stood waiting further instructions. 

Auge VonBulle, now aware of how major events should play out for the next few days, decides to ensure the safety of his thieves guild members. 

"Pilini I want you, Gerto and his three gnome dire bat jockeys to go to the Liquor Commission brewery and introduce yourselves to Torgar Longbrow." Auge said thoughtfully. In a flash a knife was in Pilini's hand; overhanded as to slice a neat line across a victims hamstrings. 

"Not at all. He is Tamros' brother and I believe he would be very interest in Gerto's account of his escape from Mons Montis where the jailer is reputed." Auge did not let Pilini the chance of putting the pieces together, time is short. 

"We believe that is where Tamros is so I want you to not only come together as two sides of the same Liquor Commission coin but as my conspirators against the aberrations." Auge smiled broadly. 

Elsewhere in the Cinder Block Durg and Versel get pumped up, and Jaren prepares spells for combat with the alien illithids.

Moments later Auge was addressing the White Spider who was recovering nicely from her compulsions
The White Spider

"I want you to accompany Kiton, Spade and Farley in dispatching the choker and bring back the remaining secret cashe." 

"Are not chokers aberrations?" White Spider said, fear drowned her eyes and he began to quiver. 

Auge remembered well the literal time before when all he could do was obey and the feeling at the total loss of free will.

"Yes, but you need to get over your fears." Auge raised his voice a bit while actively visualizing his own fear aura. The effect must have worked because the halfling girl seemed to awaken and met Auge's gaze. 

"As you will Guild-master Auge." She said, anger simmering under her striking beauty. 

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