Thursday, November 28, 2013

Auge’s Journal: Out of Time

The moneychangers’ guild provided me with invaluable tools and methods; gold and wealth in which to improve and speed my craft. Added to my formula library are three formula books and a collection of notes and theories on rare discoveries....

The steel cover of this slim journal has taken its fair share of abuse; acid scars and minor slag spots show where the journal was subjected to intense working conditions. Equations, balances, and chemical notations mark the margins of the pages—with some formulae, it is difficult to tell where the notes end and the formula begins.

Journal of the Beast Within
This ragged collection of scorched and stained notes is tied with cheap twine between wooden covers. A few formulae appear to have been deliberately obliterated, scratched through so thoroughly that the paper is torn in places.

Chymist’s Guidebook
The pages of this formula book are carefully varnished. Sprinkled among the formulae are details and diagrams of alchemical devices, many of which seem to defy the normal conventions of alchemy and physics. The last page contains incomplete notes on the preparation of experimental mutagens.

The Formulae of Master Gebr
These four cloth-bound books are neatly printed—as with a printing press or some other form of mechanical transcription—with a title page, a table of contents, and a useful cross-referenced index. They have been treated well and are clearly reference works, rather than laboratory notes; the writer was obviously a most disciplined and focused inventor.

But now after my visit to the Black Crown and thanks to Adalgrim Redhammer’s tribute I have what I need in which to create a helmet to defend against the mental attacks of the illithids as well as a safety net for practical purposes...

Aura: moderate divination; CL: 9th Slot: head; Price: 1,500 gp; Weight: 1 lb.
This mask depicts a dragon's face, and covers the wearer from chin to crown. When the wearer of the hannya fails a saving throw against a spell or effect, he may choose to attune the hannya to that effect as an immediate action. The wearer then gains a +1 competence bonus to future saves made against that specific effect. If the wearer fails a second save against an effect the hannya is attuned to, his bonus to future saves increases to +2, and if he fails a third time it increases to +3. A hannya of hard won wisdom may be attuned to only one specific spell or effect at a time, and if it is attuned to a new effect, all its benefit against older effects is lost.
Construction Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, guidance; Cost: 750 gp.

*(Adding this loot for less ability still keeps construction time to two days.)

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