Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sitting Duck

“Ok Kiton, we can go with your plan, run straight away and rob Tick Tock Castle of presumed wealth, risking the ire of neighbors not to mention OUR BOSS, or we can try my plan, which involves offending strangers on ships and provides us with many more, “sitting duck” targets, I suspect with a greater probability of wealth!” White Spider ranted, “OH I’m SORRY, you don’t know what probability means do you Kiton?”

Kiton tolerated her insults because Auge supported the young Halfling and because, in this case she was right.  Auge had just warned them against making stupid mistakes.  

Farley appeared shocked at the responsibility of coming up with 18,000 gold.  Farley had just made the most money he ever had in his life, now Auge wanted more and it wouldn't even be his.  

Kiton knew that the Sea Ranger Spade would support White Spider’s plan.  Not for the first time, Kiton wondered if the two had become lovers.

“Your plan is the better one Spider, show us the way.” Kiton’s low growl rumbled. “Just remember that our benefactor’s patience is much shorter than mine.” 

Spade surprised Kiton by speaking up, “Speaking of our benefactors, we should do what Vercel has done.  Let’s make our profit be at some ally’s benefit.  Surely there are ships out there that someone in town doesn't like or want succeeding.  If we fulfill a task for someone else it’s at least another way of bringing in those funds.”

The Halfling woman known as White Spider smiled at Spades words.  “I believe someone in the Embry family should be able to provide just the type of work we are looking for, good thinking de…Spade.”

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